Benifits of Electrostatic Filters

By: vstar650
As an Air Quality/Duct Cleaning specialist I am often consulted upon for my educational experience regarding indoor air quality issues. With the advancements being made in air filtration I am often asked for my opinion on various filtration options one of which are electrostatic furnace filters. As a duct cleaning technician myself, I am a strong advocate of electrostatic air filters.

I have written a brief summary of the benefits of owning such a filter

-Savings: Electrostatic air filters will help keep heating components and A/C coils from being coated with dust particles. Dirt is the #1 cause of heating & cooling system failures, and a cleaner system also operates more efficiently which saves you money on both energy consumption and equipment repairs. Additionally, Electrostatic filters are permanent which save you money on disposable filters.

-Allergy Relief: Asthma, allergy and respiratory symptoms can be significantly reduced when exposure to dust, pollen, mold spores and animal dander is controlled by the electrostatic properties of these filters.

-Housekeeping: Household dust will be collected on the electrostatic media of the filter when the furnace or A/C system is operating. Less frequent dusting will be a welcome benefit to housekeeping.

-Environmentally friendly: Electrostatic filters are a permanent lifetime filter, you will no longer have to toss out disposable filters every month into the landfill (The environment will love you for it)

-Easy to maintain: Instead of replacing your standard throw away filter, an electrostatic filter simply needs to be cleaned periodically to achieve best filtration results and optimum furnace efficiency.

Keeping your Air and Your HVAC system clean:

Having your duct system professionally cleaned is a vital part of dramatically improving the indoor air in your home. The addition of a high performance air filter will provide many benefits and intervals for duct cleaning. Electrostatic high performance efficiency furnace filters removes dust, pollen, mold spores and animal dander as the air circulates through your central system. Clean, filtered air benefits the entire family. Children and the elderly are most effected by indoor air pollution and will benefit greatly from the clean air that exits from this filter.

How does it work?

Electrostatic filters work on the principal of "static electricity" not "electricity". The filter media has a Negative charge throughout the entire surface which is enhanced by air passing through, Tiny particles such as dust, pollen and mold have a Positive charge and are therefore attracted to the filter like a magnet . These particulates are the culprits of our indoor environmental air pollution. Electrostatic furnace filter is designed to trap these particles and remove them from the air that you breathe
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