How To Choose A Construction Company

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The National Association of Home builders revealed that American homeowners are spending about 100 billion dollars on professional home remodeling and thousands of home builders and construction companies build 120,0000 new homes every year in the U.S.

Homeowners remodeling for the first time as well as individuals building their homes are often confronted with the same challenging task of discovering a trustworthy construction company who can do their job with minimal trouble at an acceptable cost.

Selecting a construction company for your home building project, no matter what the size is a very important decision, requiring careful consideration.

A construction company generally offers one-stop service, where the company oversees your building project from start all the way through finish. they manage all phases of your building project that includes obtaining building permits, hiring as well as supervising subcontractors, work with designers and architects and scheduling examinations or inspections.

It is essential to keep in mind that really, not all construction companies are the same. Here are tips for selecting a construction company:

1. Ask for the construction companys office paperwork and work samples as sign of their professionalism. Bills, bids and contracts must be detailed and clear.

2. Know how the construction company efficiently handles communication. try calling them and observe whether your calls are returned promptly.

You need a construction company or a contractor who can be quickly available when you need them. good accessibility indications are pagers, radios, listed residence phone and cellular phones.

3. Ask if they are currently remodeling or building a home in progress; if so, request if you can see it. See to it that you can talk to the home owners and ask if they are contented with the contractors service and job.

4. Ask how many building projects like yours have they completed as this will aid you in determining how familiar are they with your kind of project.

5. Make sure that your construction company maintains a minimum of 1,000,000.00 dollars in contractors general liability insurance and all their employees are covered under the workers compensation insurance.

This is essential so as to protect you as the homeowners from any liability in cases of accident or injuries. take a look at their insurance coverage certificate.

6. Ask if your prospect construction company has the capability to handle and complete the committed work. but having a lot of projects are good indications. just be sure that they are not overbooked and have the time for your project.

7. When you have finally chosen a construction company for you, be clear of your expectations and be honest regarding your budget. Constant communication is important. Set a definite schedule for meetings.

8. Determine what precisely you want then make sure to put it in writing. Remember, if anything is not well-defined, it can be easily maneuvered and can always be disputed.

When you outline your project in writing, you not only easily discover any missing phase that you have overlooked but you have a clear expectation and definition for your construction company to refer on as well.

9. Never pay in advance for your entire building project, because the contractor will no longer have the incentive to complete or even begin the project. As a rule, you only have to pay 10 percent for a down payment.


1. Make certain to include all areas that the building project entails such as specifications, quantities, thickness of the materials that will be used and costs as well as exact date of completion.

2. Read carefully the contract and understand fully all terms including guarantees and warranties.

3. Make sure that your construction company is insured, licensed and bonded with their company name and address shown directly on your contract.

4. Delay contract signing if for any reason you are unsure about anything and have a knowledgeable individual study it so he can give you further advice.

When throughout your search and investigation, comparing one element alongside others, you find yourself still keep on coming back to yet the same construction company, because all the information is clear and forthright, their asking price fits your budget and their design plan suits what you have conveyed to them, then you have found the right one for you.
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