Types of Wind Chimes

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These are also known in the market as Aeolian chimes. They are made of hollow or wooden tubes or solid metal. They are kept in hanging position for the easiness of wind surfing. These surfing cause the chimes to strike each other thereby producing sound. These sounds are tuned to give pleasing hearings. The tunes are not to the specific notes. These are also made of materials such as bamboo, horseshoes, and mechanics tools and so on.

The pitch is influenced by the length of the air column. The vibration is coming from the air. The material used for the instruments help to produce sound and whereas the air column determines the pitch. In this wind chime, if one strikes the pipe sound will come and need not depend on air column.

Classic Wind Chimes

These are designed to create musical Harmony wind chimes even in the slightest breeze. Majority are made with the computerized tuning process. Keeping in mind the market demand, they are created to the flavors and musical atmospheres of the country in which they are going to be marketed.

Woodstock Wind Chimes

This is the brilliant wind plied musical instrument.

The creator gave a tonal for preciousness and built this instrument with a high quality. Not only this, these bring an attractive or seductive look and glamor to the house by the unparalleled beauty of wood.

Harmony Chimes

The market availability is with the variety of configurations. These smaller musical ones have aluminum rods suspended from stainless steel wires. Some manufacture with a combination of burnished and painted brass and anodized aluminum rods. For suspension, instead of stainless steel, some give durable polypropylene cord.

Bamboo Wind Chimes

High quality thick walled bamboos are used for manufacturing these Bamboo Wind Chimes For sealing the cracks that will happen in the long run, hot wax procedures are used. The aluminum cords used in these instruments are held from individual doweled cords that are made of whether resistant nylon.

Butterfly Wind Chimes

These are fascinating, colorful and harmonious for gardens, summerhouses and so on. The pleasantness of these chimes as the wind surfs thru its components brings the delight of possessing them. Butterfly in Flight Wind Chimes Colorful butterflies in flight patterns are given in each frame of these Wind Chimes.

Spiral Wind Chimes

These spiral tunes are available in the market with four different makes. They are: 1. Stainless Steel Spiral Wind Spinner with Glass Ball, 2. Wooden Wind Spirals, 3. Crystal Ball Spiral and 4. These are Stain glassed and copper finished. Wooden multi colored wind spiral. The wooden parts are made from ash and all are weather resistant hardwood.

Slumped Glass Wind Chimes

These wind chimes are made of slumped glasses. Mostly are handmade glass wind chimes. They are made of slumped marbles to offer a special look and attraction. These make a hypnotizing delicate bell-like sound.

Clay Wind Chimes

These are small wind chimes made of clay pots and bright and cheerful decorative colors are given. When these small clay pots clash in the wind, they give sounds of pots which are pleasing to hear.

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