Remove The Clutter Out Of Your Life

By: snook2
Are you ready for new opportunities to enter your life? If so then you need to review what old things are holding you back in your life. As much as it might sound strange sometimes we hold onto things in our life that no longer serves a purpose but they are also at the same time holding us back from better opportunities because we don't have room in our lives to receive them. As the saying goes if both your hands are holding onto something then how can you receive something better unless you first drop what is in your hands. That truth holds also for the things in your life. Some people like to call it a spring clean and whatever name you want to call it by it can actually be one of the most productive exercises you can do on a regular basis.

A spring clean needn't take hours on end, just set aside an hour every few months and review everything in your life. You will be amazed at how effective it is in reviving your energy and bringing in new opportunities in your life. I once decided to throw out my whole wardrobe of clothes, I hadn't been buying clothes for a while and many items were no longer in fashion. I decided to put it all into a garbage bag and donated it to a charity.

To my amazement within a short while my wardrobe was again filled but this time with clothes I actually looked forward to wearing. I started to receive clothes as gifts and when I went shopping I started to notice clothes that I liked and bought them on sale. The fact is that unless I first made room in my wardrobe for new clothes then I wouldn't have been in a position to receive all the new clothes that I did.

So if you haven't done a spring clean lately then now is as good a time as any. The first thing you want to do is to start with one room at a time. Get some garbage bags together and review everything in that space. Be realistic, don't assume that something is going to come in handy someday if you haven't used it for years. Whatever the item is, the rule is that if you haven't found a need for it within the last 12 months then you should really think about tossing it out. What you will find is that the space you create by throwing out the clutter in your life will actually be rejuvenated and it will be a more pleasant environment altogether.

So once you have removed the clutter from your life, sit back and watch the new opportunities that come your way because you have made room for them in your life.
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