Can You Lose Something That You Dont Have?

By: mokmeng78
Action taking is one of the most common fears to most people. People fear about the unexpected that will arise after making decision and put it into action.

A simple example, is to approach someone you don't know, whether it is an attractive opposite sex, or someone that could be your customer, or just to get helps from a stranger when you are lost.

Most people always have the needs, but don't have the guts to take that action. They feared of being rejected by the opposite sex, they feared that the customer will say "No, thanks" to them, they fear that the stranger may lead them into something they don't know.

And this is such a common stress condition that most people don't realize that they are facing.

All in all, what they really fear is losing something that come out from their action, something that they don't have in the first place!

If you don't have or own something, how can you lose it? The answer is absolutely no, right? It is so common that most people didn't even thought about it.

Since the answer is No, then the fear has no reason to exist!

If you have the fears, then you are putting unnecessary stress to yourself, which actually create a negative input to your action, you might be panic, you might start to hiccup and you probably won't be able to address your needs or attention clearly. And that is the reason that affect the output you wanted.

Imagine this, before you approach an opposite sex, you don't know him/her. And if you being rejected, the outcome is : You still don't know him/her. So, there is no difference.

Another example, you are approaching a new client to sell your products. He is not your client in the first place, if he says "No, thanks", you still don't have this client.

Yet another example, you are lost. If you don't ask the stranger for the correct direction, you are still lost!

You have thousands of reasons to take that action, which might change your outcome, a good outcome, but there is only 1 single reason that you might not get a good outcome and the results is there is no difference from your current situation. Then, why not give it a try?

A method that is very effective is always question the negative outcome of your action, how bad can it be? And, will you really lose something that you have now?

Fear and stress is an outcome from our mind, not anything else; change your mind and the mode of thinking, and all these will disappear by itself.
The Mind Is The Limit.
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