How To Get Cheaper PlayStation 3 Console

By: birdam
Sony launch of the PlayStation 3 hit the U.S. markets late last year on November 11, 2006, and thousands of fans swarmed to rush down to their local electronic stores and outlets earliest just to get their first pick of the store's set. As these systems flew off the shelves, the price and value of the Sony PlayStation 3 on the open market flew through the roof, as it became one of the most coveted items of year 2006-2007.

The PlayStation 3 is now only available online through auction sites, classifieds, or an independent seller. Finding a cheap PlayStation 3 requires much more hard work than initially signing up as a pre-ordering registrant. Pre-ordering was the best option to get the first set of PlayStation 3 as they became available in November. This reserved a console, usually only one per household, with a deposit and sometimes upfront payment. On the release date, the console was reserved and guaranteed for pick up.

Still, many people were unable to get on the pre-registration list, or could not afford to pre-pay or pre-order the console. As a result, they had to turn to other ways of getting their own set. During the release phase in early November last year, thousands of fans spent the night in front of computer and electronics stores such as Best Buy and Circuit City, to get their best picks as soon as the store opened its doors in the morning. Many of them kept their purchases, while others started listing the PlayStation 3 on EBay and, even before they got their set.

Today, it's possible to find the PlayStation 3 for cheaper prices than originally listed through bidding wars and negotiations with independent sellers. Craigs list is a good resource to find local sellers, people who may have purchased the console with intention to sell, or are just not interested in it anymore. Buying a used PlayStation 3 still has plenty of value, since the system was manufactured only just last year.

Getting a cheap price on auction sites such as and EBay is competitive, challenging, but can also be a lot of fun. If you are new to auction sites, it will be a good idea to learn about how they work and take a tutorial on how to get the cheapest prices on products that interest you. Sometimes its hard to find a legitimate seller, but there are many valuable sellers and re-sale stores available online that can offer a competitive price.

Therefore, it is import to make sure you are working within your budget. It is especially important when it comes to finding a cheap price for the PlayStation 3, as auction sites can compel you to overbid just to win. Still, working with an independent seller, either through the Classfiieds, Craigslist, or other local bulletin boards may offer some other cheap PlayStation 3 options!
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