Advantages of Digital Photography

By: teahupoo
How many photo albums do you have at home, and how much time do you spend tediously going through those albums, cutting and pasting, and wishing there was a better way to store and preserve your pictures? Well, there is a better to obtain and store the memories that you want to keep for a lifetime, and the answer is the digital camera.

Going digital allows you to take a large number of high quality pictures and then store them, edit them and categorize them on your hard drive. Sound complicated? Well it really isn't. Today, digital cameras are affordable, easy to use, and your pictures come out just as well as if they were taken with an old analog camera. Plus there are specialized software programs that allow you to create photo albums on your computer. You can save these photo albums on any number of storage devices; your hard drive, a memory stick, or a CD. The point is that you no longer have to lug around huge bulky photo albums with all your pictures.

Now hold on a second! I know what you are thinking. What if you want to actually hold the picture in your hand? Well, that's great because the technology for printing out high quality digital photos just keeps getting cheaper and cheaper. Color printers that connect directly to your digital camera can now be purchased for less than two hundred dollars! And the quality of the digital cameras themselves gets better every year.

Now I know that there are still some die hard fans of the old way of taking pictures. But these die hard folk are rapidly disappearing in the wake of two things: convenience and instant gratification. With the old way of taking photos, you have to wait for the pictures to be developed before deciding if what you've taken is good enough to keep. Plus, you have wasted film, and spent money on something that you may not even want in your photo album.

With digital cameras, there is no film to worry about developing or wasting. The cheapest and most basic of digital cameras on the market allow you to view your digital photos immediately after you have taken them, and then you can decide whether to delete the photos or keep them.

Another awesome advantage for digital cameras is transferring your photos from one place to another. Connect your digital camera to your laptop or desktop, and if you have access to the Internet, email, instant messaging, or whatever, then you have the ability to send your photos instantaneously to any place in the world. This is a great feature for journalists, who can snap photos and send them to their newspaper for instant editing and inclusion in the top stories of the day.

Or, imagine that your kids, pets, or neighbors have just done something hilariously funny, and you have the event captured on your digital camera. Send the event instantly to all your other friends and family.
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