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Why Should You Give Gift Baskets?

By: Aspenaerie
Gift baskets are given for all kinds of occasions. They are sent on holidays, birthdays, or as an apology. A gift basket may be a way of saying thank you to certain people in your life such as a great secretary or to a helpful mentor. Gift baskets are sent to mark special occasions such as the birth of a new baby or just because you want to send one.

In the traditional sense, a gift basket is a basket that has been filled with small presents for the receiver. Whoever recieves it gets several gifts inside one which increases the delight. These can range from snacks and food products to mementos to other useful items such as teacups. The container, your budget and your imagination are the only limits to what can be included in gift baskets.

These days they can come in all kinds of containers including the traditional wicker basket. You may find baskets that are made from grapevines or rope. The container could be a child's bucket with shovel, a mini rocking chair, a mug, or a dish drainer filled with goodies to celebrate a new home. Look around and imagine just what can become your container. Let your imagination free. As long as it can contain items, you can use it as a container or the base of the gift basket.

And the items included within the gift baskets are limited as well, as we have said before, only by your imagination, budget and to some extent that the item will fit within the container. Usually these items will include foods such as jellies, snacks, teas, crackers, or even wine, maybe even with wineglasses. Candy, cookies and cheeses are also found in many gift baskets.

Beyond food, you may find a loofah, soaps, candles, baby items, flowers or books. What could be better than to receive a romantic one with scented candles, bath salts, and a lovely book of poems?

Lastly, most gift baskets will include some type of embellishment that will make it seem all the more special such as a sprig of silk flowers or fruit or a spray of tinsel. These brighten your gift and make it more attractive to the recepient of the gift. On the whole, gift baskets are a joy to give and to receive.

Copyright 2006, Sandra Dinkins-Wilson

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