The Cell Phone: Todays Technological Wonder

By: ishezad
The cellular phone has modernized exceptionally since it first came out. When they were first introduced, many years ago, cell phones were applied as exclusively a way to make and receive calls. Things have altered over the years and so have cell phones.

Presently, cellular phones are conclusive technological revolutions. Everyday a new cell phone comes out that has some new feature that flat out transforms the way people utilize their phones. What started out as just a tool for making calls has now transformed into something far beyond that and into a tool with more funtionalities than you can shake a stick at.

Digital Camera Phones

It seems like only yesterday when cell phones with integrated digital cameras were introduced. When these first came out it was seen as another technological wonder. The cell phones were very high-priced, as this was a new technology. Today, if anyone who compares those original cell phones against the latest models will easily notice a big difference in quality. What seemed like a prestigious camera phone back then looks like a good-for-nothing, outdated, outmoded toy set by today's standards.

As things are, cellular phones have so much more than just integrated cameras. As of now, the cellular phone can take pictures as well as videos. As technology advances, so does the quality. There are even cellular phones out nowadays that take just as good quality pictures as many digital cameras.

Pda Capabilities

Photo and video capabilities of the mobile phones is just the tip of the iceberg. The evolution of mobile phones will go way beyond this. As technology gets more advanced, cellular phones continue to be born with more features. For example, did you know that there are now some versions of the cell phone that come completely integrated with a detailed personal organizer? In the past you had to have a pda as well as a cell phone to be genuinely organized and connected. Now, you can do it all with your mobile phone.

As technological enhancements continue, there will be more features added to the cellular phone. There's even speculation that our credit cards will be integrated into our cellular phones. What this possibly means is that you will be able to leave your valuable credit cards safely at home. When you want to make a purchase, all you will be required to do is simply wave your cell phone over some form of scanner, which will subsequently complete the transaction.

Some time in the foreseeable future, I envisage cell phones will altogether replace the need to carry a wallet around.

The cell phone has become an essential necessity of the modern world. The cellular phones today are unmistakably forward-looking marvels. They continue to remain technological wonders and are more and more becoming must-haves for those who can afford them. In actual fact because more and more phones are being offered for next to nothing as an incentive to sign contracts, soon, everyone in the world will have a cell phone. If you are one of the few people who doesn't have one, then I suggest you start looking for one that suits your needs now.
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