Distance Learning Psychology

By: jimzorn
The study of human behavior, thinking, emotion and motivations are the topics included in distance learning psychology courses. The aim of distance learning psychology courses is to develop an appreciation of how scientific values and principles relate to the study of human and animal behavior. The emphasis is on scientific analysis of psychological investigation, research methods, biology of behavior, sensation and perception. Stress, learning, memory, cognition, life span development, personality development and abnormal behavior are examined in depth.


The student registering for an undergraduate course in psychology must have a High School degree or equivalent or must demonstrate the ability to succeed in undergraduate study by satisfactorily completing courses in state approved or accredited colleges or universities. A number of distance learning psychology masters programs are also available which allow the student to gain knowledge from the fields of Human Services, Education and Business Technology. The variety of programs available will enable almost any student to choose his area of research interest.

Course Content

Distance learning psychology courses introduce learners to the field of behavioral studies. They familiarize the students with fundamentals of theoretical and applied knowledge of psychology in core courses. The formal academic learning is integrated with personal experiences to make learning more personalized and meaningful. The courses could deal with a range of related subjects. It could be a general introduction to psychology or a specialization in clinical and counseling psychology. It could deal with cognition and perception, developmental psychology, gender and sexuality, learning and motivation, neuroscience and psychophysiology, personality psychology or research methods and statistics.

Universities Offering the Courses

Courses are offered over the internet, by correspondence or by a combination of distance learning and online learning. Bachelors degrees in psychology are offered by the Cerro Coso Community College, DuPage University, Easter Oregon University, Genesee Community College, University of North Carolina, Northampton Community College, University of Nebraska and a number of other Universities around the world. Universities such as University of Wisconsin, University of North Carolina, Suny Empire State College and University of Nebraska offer a Masters in Psychology degree. Doctoral degrees in psychology are offered by the Capella University, Fielding Graduate University, Northcentral University, Ryokan College and Union Institute.

Psychology courses will have relevance so long as man exists and operates in socially acceptable or unacceptable ways. Psychologists will have a role to play. So select the course you want to study and navigate to the university websites for more information!
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