Distance Learning Forestry Courses

By: jimzorn
If you are the type who loves outdoor activity, distance learning forestry courses will help you turn your natural disposition into a rewarding career! Wildlife/forestry Conservation programs are all about wildlife law enforcement, population management, forest and ecology protection, park and recreational facility operation, field equipment and safety and so on. You can learn all this by sitting at your desktop and logging into the website of the numerous Universities that impart distance learning forestry skills to those who seek to learn. You can then make a career as a Wildlife Technician, Private Campground Manager, Fish Conservation Aide or a Forest Firefighter.

Course Content

The distance learning courses are unique in that they allow maximum flexibility in the approach to imparting knowledge. The courses provide up to date information on factors that are relevant to the modern forestry professional and to the forest industry. Web based technologies are used to link students and teachers located across the globe in meaningful debates, discussions and chat sessions. Instructional support is provided via email, fax, interactive chat sessions, multimedia tutorials and textual material.

Universities and Institutions Offering Distance Learning Forestry Courses

Distance learning forestry courses are offered by a number of Universities in the USA, UK, Australia and other parts of the world. The Penn Foster Career School, offers a certificate program in Wildlife/Forestry conservation, which is accredited by the Distance Education Training Council (DETC), Washington, D.C. The National School of Forestry provides an online BSc (Hons) in Forest Management. The University of Wales has an MSc program in Forest Industries Technologies and is proposing to launch a program in forestry distance learning from September 2006.

These courses focus upon proper utilization of forest resources and provide training in the management of forest resources and technologies associated with it. The requirement of an Honors degree for enrollment to the MSc program is waived in instances where the University is satisfied that the individual has a satisfactory standard for the purpose of postgraduate admission. The Northern Arizona University distance learning forestry programs allow students to pursue learning both at the bachelor and master degree levels. Bircham International University offers a Masters of Science degree in Forestry.

If you are thinking of making a career outdoors, then consider carefully whether a distance learning forestry course is appropriate for you. If you have have other commitments that prevent you from attending a regular degree program, then distance learning may be your answer. Be sure to assess your personal motivation as well, since you must be self motivated and able to work independently to be an effective student in a distance learning program.
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