Learning the Basics of Eye Makeup

By: k_buchanan32
In different cultures, beauty has been deified typically in female forms. Ancient civilizations worshiped beauty in the face of goddesses like Aphrodite or Venus, Freya and Lakshimi. Over the years, female beauty has been depicted in paintings and sculptures, or praised with lyrics. But, what contemporary people tend to consider as beautiful, or aesthetically pleasing, has probably nothing to do with the notion of beauty other generations shared. Over the centuries, the nature and meaning of beauty has undergone through considerable changes. Even among people of the same age and with common cultural backgrounds, beauty is not an easily defined term. Actually, people tend to agree that beauty is a rather subjective term, which deals with an innate and emotional perception of life's affirmative aspects-health, fertility, goodness, happiness, and vitality-within objects of the perceived world.

Although beauty engenders a sense of positive reflection in finding balance and harmony with nature, whereas the phrase "natural beauty" probably comes from, women choose to emphasize their most distinctive characteristics with the use of makeup, which can highlight their facial features. From Queen Nefertiti, who lined her eyes with black coal to the contemporary female business executives, women have been using makeup to emphasize their eyes' beauty. Being considered the "mirror of someone's soul," the eyes communicate with a unique way and sometimes convey meanings that cannot be accurately articulated. Thus, for the modern woman, who wishes her eyes to make a statement, we have collected the following eye makeup tips that can assist her efforts illustrating her beauty with just a glance.

The first thing a woman should do before applying any eye makeup is to create the right base. In this initial process, a concealer can be used to hide dark circles and create a smooth surface for the rest of the makeup to be applied on. It is better if the tone of the concealer is a bit lighter than the natural skin tone since it will create a much more natural effect and it will blend better. Then, the eye shadow has to be applied in several thin layers and they have to blend well. Experts advice is to put the sheer color on the center of the lid and then with a sponge applicator to spread it all over the lid's surface. It is important to brush it up and out toward the eyebrow or nose. If a deeper shade color is to be used, this has to be placed to the crease of the lid. Additionally, to highlight the eyes, makeup artists use a lighter shade of the same color of eye makeup applied on the lid, now to the brow bone. In order to outline and define the eyes, it is best to use a soft eyeliner pencil and create short, close little dots instead of a straight line on the top and bottom of the eye lids. The outcome can become smoother if the dots are smudged from the inner eye corners toward the outer ones. Finally, for great eyelashes it is advisable to go over the lashes with an eyelash separator comb. Then applying a thin coat of mascara to the lashes and re-comb the ones painted immediately afterwards so as to keep them apart. When they dry the process can be repeated. The final stage of a great eye makeup experience is that of removing the makeup. When it stays on for hours-especially during sleep-it will create a coat of coloring over the eyes and will itch. It is always better to remove eye makeup first, since one has to be very gentle with the eye lids and eyelashes. A cotton ball or swab can do a perfect job after being soaked in makeup remover lotion.

Eye makeup can become a woman's ticket to stares of admiration as long as it is applied carefully and removed before bed every time. Eyes are very sensitive and need to be taken care of as much as possible. Harsh rubbing and being in a rush will not result is astonishing glowing eyes. Thus, be careful and let your eye's beauty shine the room.
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