What In The World Are Mule Shoes?

By: teahupoo
In the wide wild world of women's footwear, the vast variety of options can easily induce vertigo in the uninitiated. Who can keep track of the ever-changing array of shoes for females? It's almost impossible, but somehow many women manage this seemingly mind-boggling feat. This protean plethora of possibilities retains some semblance of stability despite the ever-swirling winds of fashion. One of these staple styles of shoes has been given the inelegant title of mule. Mule shoes come in a wide range of styles, but the one constant is that they are backless and slip-on. Some mules have open toes. Some have closed toes. Mules can have high heels or no heels at all. The ones that have closed toes may be pointy or they may be square. As you can see, mules are a huge category of shoes with unending options.

First of all, let's elucidate the origin of the word "mule" in this context. It has nothing to do with the animal which results from crossing a female horse with a male donkey. The name "mule" when applied to a style of shoe comes from the Latin word "mulleus" which referred to a type of ceremonial shoe.

Mule shoes are popular with women for an assortment of reasons. For one, they're convenient. What can be easier than sliding a shoe on and off? In a world where women's shoes often have all sorts of straps and buckles and confusing ways to put them on, it's a comfort to know that there's a type of shoe you can just slide into.

Another reason mules are so popular is that they can be worn with almost any outfit. Because they are made in countless styles, mules can go with jeans, a sexy mini-skirt, or a lovely evening gown. The versatility of mules is legendary and is a major reason why so many women have at least one pair, if not many pairs, of mules in their wardrobe. Shoemakers manufacture mules with thick, clunky soles to fit in with those trendier, more punk rock fashions. Other designers fashion mules with pointy toes and medium height narrow heels to match perfectly with a more professional woman's suit. Mules can be worn to work, to the mall, and to a rock concert.

Mules have been married with other shoe styles such as Mary Janes to produce Mary Jane mules, which is a style that has become very popular recently. To explain the popularity of mules, let's consider the animal kingdom. What makes an animal successful? They're able to change and adapt to a variety of environments and conditions. It's no different with mule shoes. They're popular because they've developed numerous adaptations to succeed in almost any environment.

Mules are popular amongst the ladies because they're convenient and suitable for almost every occasion.
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