Cowboy Boots are a Fashion Statement

By: lynter
Once upon a time, men needed boots that were just as tough and sturdy as they were. These men were cowboys, so they developed cowboy boots. The footwear was rugged and had a job to protect the cowboy's feet from rocks and other unforgiving landscape. Now that fewer people do this type of work, cowboy boots have become more of a fashion statement than a necessary part of a work wardrobe.

Today, cowboy boots are not just for the hard working cowboy. In fact, almost anybody can wear these boots. Styles in boots are basically whatever you want them to be. They range in color from browns, black, red, cream, pink, green, orange, and the list goes on.

Also, there are several designers to choose from. Durango, Frye and Double-H are a few of the most popular. Demand is increasing every day because, while the boots have become more of a fashion statement than a work tool, they are still tough and stylish. It is advisable to have more than one pair of cowboy boots. When you find a designer and a fit that work well for you, buy all you can because you will wear them more than you think.

A man will look great in cowboy boots no matter where he is. If he has them paired up with a suit for work or with a pair of jeans for the weekend errands, it doesn't matter. He will look very fashion forward.

The cowboy boot has become more attractive to women over time as well. Wearing them with a pair of jeans and a tee shirt has been fashionable for years. Career women add this fashion flair to their slacks or business suit. For a more casual look, put boots with a pair of cut off shorts, a skirt or a full-length sundress.

But the fun is not just reserved for adults. Children are also able to wear them with their little outfits. Be it a little guy just learning to walk or a big girl twirling her dress around to show off her footwear, children like having these options in their wardrobe, also. Boys will feel like they are back in the old west, roping broncos. The little ladies will feel like they are keeping the homestead safe for their cowboy.

You can wear your boots out to the country bars for a night of dancing. When line dancing, is there anything else that gives the authentic 'bang' of the cowboy boot heal hitting a hardwood floor? You can't get that wearing tennis shoes or high heels.

If you are looking for that one special fashion statement, get a pair of cowboy boots. They go with just about everything and are very comfortable. You are sure to enjoy wearing them.


Over the years, cowboy boots have evolved from a rugged piece of a hardworking wardrobe to a fashion statement. With styles and colors to match every taste, these are versatile items that are sure to make it on your feet.
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