Oh The Joy of Trying to Find Womens Shoes In Large Sizes

By: teahupoo
Shopping can be a pain when you aren't the "average" size. You know what I mean? If you are a large guy and you go looking for shirts for example, they will have two racks of smalls and mediums and then maybe a half dozen large and extra large and if you are lucky there may be a double x.

Well, the same thing applies with women's shoes. If you are a woman and you wear a size 10 or larger shoe, you have probably experienced major difficulties in finding styles you like that will fit your feet. Shoe stores usually carry a very limited supply of large size women shoes, and you will find that to get the show you want it will need to be special ordered. Most department stores generally don't carry sizes larger than 11, and then they are in limited styles. But, people with big feet rejoice, retailers are slowly starting to realize that women's feet are getting bigger.

Hopefully it won't be much longer and the struggle to find large size women shoes may be a distant memory. In the past, shoe buyers were opposed to buying large inventories of larger shoe sizes. This made sense from a financial standpoint and for the sake of saving space for what sells the most as the average woman wore a size 6 or 7. Women with larger feet were compelled to choose from a few unbecoming styles if there was anything available at all.

Fast forward to present and we find larger sized women shoes selling very quickly. Now the most commonly purchased size is an 8 1/2 and nearly a third of women are buying shoes in a size 9 or above. Retailers are scrambling to fill their racks with shoes sized up to 14 to try to keep up with the new demand for larger shoes.

Many of the larger shoe manufacturers are now paying closer attention to the growing demand for larger women's shoes. High-end shoe designers are now creating their styles in sizes up to 12, and sometimes higher, recognizing that women with larger feet want and buy high fashion shoes as well.

On the internet, retailers have taken this rising fashion trend to a whole new level by offering virtual stores that only sell large size shoes. Shopping online, a woman can now choose from hundreds of styles that are readily available to be shipped right to her door in her size. This is one of the many reasons for the boom in internet sales, you can find what you want in many styles, colors and choices and you don't even have to leave home!
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