Womens Narrow Dress Shoes - Extremely hard to Find

By: gisbert
Womens narrow dress shoes are very hard to find. The problem is not that they are not made - manufacturers produce their shoes in all sizes and widths imaginable - the problem is that shoe stores simply don't order them, because there isn't a high enough demand for them. Finding womens narrow dress shoes is, in fact, harder than finding larger womens sized shoes!

If you are a woman with an exceptionally narrow foot, you may not be as lucky as your wide-footed friends' say you are! Women with wider feet truly believe that women with tiny feet have it made - but they don't know the half of it! Being petite may be nice - but shopping for petite shoes is a real big problem! Even when petite sized shoes are found, they are often still too wide to fit a petite and narrow foot!

Some stores carry narrow shoes, but the chain shoe stores and discount stores usually don't. Specialty clothing stores that sell clothing specifically for petite women often carry shoes, but their selection is typically very limited. What is a woman with narrow feet to do? Well, there are a few options that you can try to find the shoes you want, in the narrow sizes that you need.

Start in the chain stores. You can ask if they carry a specific shoe in a narrow width - in most cases they won't. However, they may be willing to order it for you. Discount stores will rarely special order anything for anybody, but sometimes the chain shoe stores will - if you ask, and if you pay a deposit up front. You may even be required to pay the full price up front, and you may have to pay more than the shoe sells for to cover shipping and handling.

You next option is to visit a small privately owned shoe store. These shopkeepers really want your business, and in most cases, they will do whatever they can do to get and keep that business! They will special order shoes for you - in the styles that you want. They may even be willing to contact other shoe stores to help you find what you are looking for if they aren't able to get it for you. You will also enjoy very personalized service in these types of stores that you won't find in the chain stores and discount stores - of course, you will pay for that service by paying a higher price for the shoes unfortunately.

Your third option is to shop online. There are online shoe stores that specialize in narrow shoes for women. Go to any search engine and type in those words exactly - 'narrow shoes for women' and you will be surprised at the results that pop up! There are many advantages to shopping online, and only one disadvantage. The disadvantage is that you cannot try the shoes on before buying them. Therefore, before making a purchase, you need to carefully read the exchange, refund, and return policy on the website. This is vital!

The advantages, however, are numerous. First, you won't have any difficulty finding the shoes you want in the colors and styles that you like - at a price you can afford, and in a size that fits you. You will probably pay a great deal less for the shoes than you would pay in a traditional offline store, but you will have to pay shipping and handling charges, although they usually don't add up to very much. You can easily compare prices and styles as well. You don't have to run around town looking for shoes - you can have them delivered straight to your door. The list of advantages goes on and on!

If you have a petite foot, and you are in need of a source for womens narrow dress shoes, don't despair. You can find what you are looking for, now that you know exactly where to start looking!
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