How to Erect Longer and Harder Naturally


We love to experience these long and enjoyable love making experiences that will blow our minds. Find out how this is possible below;

Many individuals are now enjoying it much longer.
Find out how you can increase stamina and keep going after coming. 

1. The Bigger Belly, the Better
A 2010 study published in The Journal of SX Medicine, states that the bigger the belly, the better the lover. Researchers found that the more belly fat means the man has more estradiol, the female hormone, which helps inhibit female drive. 

Overweight men with obvious bellies lasted an average of 7.3 minutes. Thinner men barely made it to 2 minutes. Where did this overweight men get the stamina from? Ladies, start dating the roundies!

2. Circumcise, Clean is Good
A 2004 study published journal Adult Urology unveiled circumcised men took “significantly longer” to reach climax after circumcision. Temucin Senkul, lead researcher of the study and an urologist with GATA Haydarpasa Training Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, speculates the delay to reach shoot may be due to circumcision lessening the organ sensitivity. 

3. Pelvic Floor Exercises for Men
In a study at European Congress of Urology in Stockholm. Before the experience, a group of men aged 20 to 46 had an average ejaculation time of 31.7 seconds. 12 weeks later, after they tried pelvic floor exercises, the average ejaculation time had increased to 146.2 seconds. Almost four times the average at the start of the study. This is definitely worth a try.

4. Vegetarian Diet
A vegan diet is high in fruit content. This can provide more sustainable energy that will not lead to “sugar crash” from processed sugar. 

Banana is high in potassium, a nutrient that helps in love making-hormone production and boosts energy.

There is no miracle vegetable to make you last longer. However, not being able to last longer is usually due to not having a good blood supply to your brother down there. So foods that are good for your vascular system helps.

  • Leafy green vegetables, like celery and spinach, may increase circulation because of their high concentration of nitrates.
  • Beet juice has been found to be really high in nitrates. Nitrates are vasodilators, which means they open up blood vessels and increase blood flow.

With these 4 tipes, you can now increase stamina naturally and boost satisfaction and go for round 2. Happy Bonking

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