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By: teahupoo
My sister and my wife decided to follow the current trend and get their belly buttons pierced. They went to a local tattoo and piercing establishment and took turns getting their new holes. There were a few things they never stopped to think about. From cleaning to expansion their belly buttons took them on quite a journey!


The woman who did my wife's piercing instructed her on how to keep it clean and free from infection. She was very careful to clean and care for the piercing just as instructed. Unfortunately her belly button still became infected. It was red and inflamed, but after carefully treating it the infection cleared and she was now very happy with the piercing.

However, anytime she changed the stud or moved it too much it would become infected again and she would have to start all over. Eventually the infections were all gone and she could move on and enjoy her belly button piercing. It was fun to be able to buy additional jewelry specifically for her belly button piercing instead of just things like necklaces and earrings.


When she became pregnant we realized she had never thought of what she should do about her belly ring. After varied advice she decided to remove the piercing and hope the hole would be there after the baby was born. After nine months of no studs in her belly button the hole had closed. If she wanted the belly ring back she had to return for a new one.

She decided to get re-pierced. It was more complicated and took a bit longer than the first one, due to a bit of scar tissue. It was done and she was delighted to have her piercing again.

About five years later, she became pregnant again. This time there was no doubt what she should do. she had become attached to the belly ring and was keeping it pierced no matter how ridiculous it looked. Once again she was mistaken of what the outcome would be. As the months went by and her belly expanded the hole getting bigger and bigger. After delivery she was left with a large hole where my cute little piercing once was.

This time after her pregnancy was over she decided not to have her bellybutton pierced again. She was somewhat disappointed that she had to say goodbye to her cute little piercing. But, sometimes things become too much and there is nothing to do but throw in the towel. She had grown up, but there are still times I look at her belly button longingly because I liked the belly ring too, it was fun having her belly button pierced and I really enjoyed being able to buy her special jewelry designed for her belly.
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