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Whats The Deal With Wii?

By: dstargel
So, why are we seeing all of the hype in advertising and desperate measures to own one? What's the deal with Wii?

The Wii is a video game console, not a video game itself. The consoles are cute, compact, and marketed at every demographic. Television commercials show grandparents, couples, singles, kids all playing it.

Nintendo's new console was created with broadening the game playing audience in mind. The advertising leaves no one out. It was created so that any person can play this console regardless of previous gaming experience.

It appeals to non-gamers because of the totally different look and feel from present video games. The small compact one handed controller is about the size of a diminutive telephone and is easy to hold and work one handed.

Nintendo feels that this new design is far superior to older conceptions of controllers but still offers an older form of controller for those who are just unable to make the switch.

One of the aspects of Wii that has people so excited is that it is physically interactive. Many of this console's games such as tennis and bowling are games that keep people moving.

Health experts are thrilled with a video game that encourages any kind of physical activity. The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) endorses Wii as an excellent way to get kids and gamers off the couch. Some ISSA fitness trainers and experts believe that interactive video games encourage participation in real life sports.

For example, high school coaches are beginning to recommend that their football players play Madden 07 to learn new plays. Wii requires some physical participation on every game though the levels of participation differ and that is something that could make a difference in the reputation of video games as creating a sedentary generation.

Probably the most exciting thing about Wii is that it is a new concept. It's got a new look, requires physical activity, and truly appeals to all audiences.

The project name at Nintendo was Revolution. That's a fitting name. Wii has begun a revolution in the gaming industry. We expect it to be the frontrunner for many more new and exciting concepts to come.

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