Stock Trading - Avoid The Five Major Blunders

By: lynter
Anyone can loose money in the stock world. It makes no difference whether you are an amateur or a veteran. Stock gurus will tell you that losses occur owing to lack of knowledge of certain fundamentals of stock trading, poor discipline, and wrong decisions.

Though trading is trader specific, there are a few generalized rules that apply to all traders. If you are losing money in stock trading, you should look back and see whether you are indulging in any of the five major blunders while trading in stocks.

*Trading against a trend- this is considered as the most common mistake in stock trading. Experts recommend that you should never wait for a stock to hit an absolute low or high. Rather you should seek out established trends that will guide you in the right direction. Going against a trend means sure doom in stock trading.

Using a tool that allows you to chart stock movements can identify trends. It is also essential to learn and understand different techniques adopted to know specific price trends. This will equip you with the necessary means to avoid being a trader that trades against the trend.

*Failure to stick to the stop loss limit- In order to avoid huge losses you should determine a stop loss point and stick to it religiously. This rule applies for both full time and part time investors.

A stop loss point is a point beyond which you are not willing to take chances. Once this point of loss is reached, you should withdraw. However, this system only works if you adhere to the limit you have set for yourself.

*Taking high risks to regain losses- this is one of the most common mistakes in stock trading. Some investors make the mistake of taking greater risks that they hope will help them recover from a previous loss. This only results in the rapid erosion of the investor's capital.

As an investor, you should understand that emotions should not be mixed with trading. You can never take revenge on the stock market. It is better that you learn from your mistakes and try to convert losses into experiences that help you become a more matured and successful trader.

*Failure to have objectives- not knowing your objectives as a stock trader could be hazardous to your entire financial structure. It is always advisable that you set targets, which you hope to achieve from financial gains from trading in stocks.

You have to work hard to achieve these targets but the targets have to be such that they keep you focused and open to learning.

Targets could be anything ranging from higher education for your children to purchasing a property. Short-term targets in stock trading will not help you remain focused and hence should be avoided.


You have to be aware of certain fundamentals of stock trading in order to prevent losses. This article deals with five major blunders that are often made in stock trading.
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