Playing in a Bean Bag Tournament

By: Dave Roth

If you are from the northern part of the United States you have probably heard about the bean bag game. You might even play it. You might also call it the Cornhole game. There are some arguments on where the game started. There are also some arguments on the size of the board and whether the Cornhole game and the bean bag game are actually one and the same. The traditional board for the Cornhole game is two feet by four feet. The traditional board for the bean bag game is two feet by three feet. However, many people who play the Cornhole game use the smaller board because it is very portable. You can take it to tailgating parties, backyard barbecues, and all sorts of other get-togethers and almost anyone can play it. Young and old alike can enjoy the game and the rules are very easy to follow. This type of activity can be one of those things that the entire family can play together and make memories.

For some people, the bean bag game is more than just a hobby or a family activity.

They take it very seriously and play it in tournaments. Many of these people spend a lot of hours each week practicing, and they need a good bean bag game set that they can use for that. While a lot of them just buy a board and the bags, some of them are adventurous enough to make their own. It is really not that difficult to make a bean bag game, even if you make both the board and the bags. The bags are made out of a soft but durable cloth that can be purchased almost anywhere. They are usually filled with plastic pellets today, but in the past they were filled with either dried corn or dried beans. This usually worked very well but if the bags got wet the filler could become damaged and degrade over time. To avoid this the plastic pellets were used and they remain very popular today. For some people who make their own bean bags, the old ways are still popular. They can certainly make them this way as long as they remember to make sure that the bags do not get wet.

The board is also very easy to make with only basic skills and simple tools. There are boards that can be purchased, of course, and many of the newer ones are plastic. Whether a person wants to use a plastic or a wooden board is completely up to them. The plastic boards and the wooden bean bag boards can be purchased, but wooden boards can also be made. If you decide to make your own bean bag or Cornhole board to use to get ready for your tournament make sure that you make it to the right specifications. If you do that you can be sure that your practice will be on a standard, regulation board and you will not have any trouble when you get to the tournament. That gives you a better chance of doing well.

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