Ordering a Prefab Metal Airplane Hanger

By: Amy Nutt

Before ordering your new prefab metal airplane hanger, there are things you need to know, especially when it comes to the hanger fitting your plane properly. That is why the first thing you need to do is determine the size of your aircraft. If you do not have your plane yet and are wishing to order your metal airplane hanger first, you still need to know what the dimensions are in order to make sure the doorway is large enough for the plane to fit through. It is simply not enough that the building is big enough, because a door that is too small means you wouldn't be able to put the plane inside in the first place.

The plane

If you don't yet have your plane, there are five common models that individuals buy. Knowing these models can help you determine what you may possibly buy and what size hangar you need. Those models are:

- The Cessna 206 - There are several different variations of the 206. However, the 206 has six seats. The length of the wing span is 35ft. 10 in., the length is 28ft. 3in., and the height is 9ft 7in. It is good to note these measurements to ensure your hanger is going to be a good fit.

- The Cessna 182 Skylane - This is a very popular aircraft. It is also said that maintenance is not too bad. The measurement of the wing span is 36ft., the length is 25ft 2in., and the height is 9ft 2in.

- Piper Cherokee 180 - This plane is another popular model with a wing span of 30ft, a length of 23ft. 4in., and a height of 7ft. 4in. This makes this aircraft one of the smaller planes on the market.

- Beech 35 - The Beech has a wing span of 32ft. 10in., a length of 25ft. 2in., and a height of 7ft. 7in. This may vary based on the Beech 25 model you purchase, by only by about 1 foot in all dimensions.

- Piper PA-28 Cherokee Series - This series has a standard wing span of 35ft., a length of 23ft. 10in., and a height of 7ft. 4in.

These are some of the most common planes that you may find flying and you know that the owners have to park them somewhere. They had to get the measurements of their plane before they ever purchased a prefab metal airplane hanger to park it in.

Other things to think about

Also think about whether or not you're going to need storage inside of your airplane hanger. You also need some room to move around if you plan on performing any type of maintenance activities inside of the hangar. Usually these activities are carried out when the plane is outside of the hanger, but there are times that maintenance may need to be performed inside. As far as storage room, some may prefer to store their tools and other maintenance materials inside of the hanger. If there isn't sufficient room, then you may have to invest in some sort of storage building, which can be cost-effective in a sense. However, it may be more convenient and may possibly be cheaper if you can arrange a way to store items inside of the hanger.

Just take these things into consideration and you should be able to order the right size hanger with no problem at all. Most importantly, you'll be able to protect your precious giant-sized investment and anything that you decide to house with it. You'll also have that peace of mind that makes investing in a hanger totally priceless.

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