Paintballing in a Ghillie Guide

By: Andry Sparx

When I go paintballing I use a ghillie suit, one that I made from my own ghillie suit kit. I have been for years perfecting and making ghillie suits for my own personal use from ghillie suit kits that I order online. I have tried quite a few different kits in the past, and so far I am most pleased with the ones that are made from burlap on a parka, which is essentially the same thing that the snipers use in our armed forces. When I am out in the local paintballing arena, which is really just a sectioned off parcel of land with a lot of trees, I like to play the wooded area the most, because my ghillie suit gives me an overwhelming advantage to the other players.

One of the best examples of this is when I am on a team, and each team is assigned a different role. Because of my suit I made from the ghillie suit kit I bought, I always prefer to be on the "sniper" team rather than the "hunter" team. It's kind of a local thing we made up, two people will be snipers, and then the rest will try to hunt us down while not getting shot. Essentially it's a complex version of hide and go seek; except you don't tag anyone. Usually I get paired with someone who isn't as adept at ghillie suit making, or has on traditional camouflage. It is pretty fun when I end up as the last one left, and I can pick each and every other player off simply because they do not realize I am right next to them.

I tell everyone they should go out and get a ghillie suit kit, and that I would help them, but they seem reluctant because of how much work is involved. When you get a ghillie suit kit you have to pretty much do your own camouflage, and through that you have to decorate and adorn it with the local wildlife, like twigs, grasses, leaves, and other such things. The problem comes when you get to green. That is why I like the wooded area we play in - it's all usually brown and covered with leaves, perfect for me. What I do with my ghillie suit I choose for that day, is I go out before the round, or near the wooded area, and then I pick and choose the best looking leaves and twigs. The best looking, of course, are the least noticeable. One of the few times the ghillie suit has failed me was when I sneezed, and ended up getting pegged by a blast of paintballs from all over. Most of them missed, but one of them hit me in the shoulder and I was out.

Because I have more than one ghillie suit kit that I assembled I am able to take at least two with me, so after getting hit with that paintball it really wasn't that big of a deal. Plus, because it's a ghillie suit, all I had to do was remove the painted leaves and such, then put new ones in its place, effectively getting rid of the big red paint splotch I had on my shoulder. Without that Ghillie suit kit I bought, I might not be one of the best snipers out there.

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