Five Essential Exercises To Make Your Stomach Flat

By: Olga Savcuk

Everybody wants to have a flat stomach and look good during the summer season when minimum clothes are required. Learn five essential exercises that you need to do at least four times a week for a beautiful and toned tummy.


Stomach crunches have always been popular and effective type of abs exercises. To do a crunch you have to lay on the back, have your feet flat on the floor and ask somebody to hold them. Put your arms behind the head or on your chest, raise your upper body off the floor tightening your abs, hold for about one second and lay down. Inspire while lying down, exhale while lifting up.

You can use some free weight on your chest to make the exercise harder. Also it is recommended to make side lifts to strengthen side abs muscles.

Leg lifts

To do a leg lift you have to lay down on the floor with arms at your sides. Lift slightly bent or straight legs up to about 90 degree angle and after a few seconds lower down ensuring you do not touch the ground with your feet, feel how your lower abs muscles work. Inspire while lying legs down, exhale while lifting up.

You can hold a free weight between your feet to make the exercise harder. Also you can also do this exercise hanging on the sport wall. Remember to ensure your muscles are loaded through all the exercise.


To do a cross you have to lay down on the floor, put your arms behind the head, raising it together with your shoulders. Lift the right knee to the chest and straight left leg up to about 45 degree angle. Inspire and turn the upper body to the right in order to touch the right knee with the left elbow, hold in this position for three seconds. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.


To do scissors stretch both legs, lift head and shoulders. Then lift the left leg up to about 90 degree angle grabbing your shin with your both hands. Lift the right leg up about 15 centimeters off the floor. Exhale and change the legs.

Body and leg lifts

To do this exercise you have to lay flat on your stomach with legs straight and arms extended above your head. Lift your body up with hands clasped together. Hold this position for as long as you can stand it and lower down.

Repeat all the exercises for twenty times four times a week for a great look and feel.

Also remember that also you have to select stomach exercises you will be really willing to complete and stick with to benefit from it. Bear in mind that your tummy will look tighter and you will look better if you combine exercising with overall weight loss plan as you will not be able to reduce fat only on the one part of your body just by exercising.

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