Basic Info on Online Gambling in Norway

By: Ajeet Khurana

When many people hear the terms Norway and gambling in the same sentence they think of some of the best poker players in the world. Some of the people at the top of the world poker ranks are from Norway, yet the country does not allow online casino play for any of its citizens. This is a frustrating thing for many residents of Norway that just want to get online and have a good time like everyone else.

The country already has laws in place making it illegal to play in an online casino, but they are considering laws like the United States has, making it difficult, almost impossible for most United States residents to play online because their IP addresses are blocked.

Norway Citizens Unable To Play Online

Online casinos are at the height of their popularity right now, yet the people that live in Norway cannot play the games that they love online. There are people from many other countries that are logging in and playing online to their hearts content, but this is not a possibility if you live in this country. Here there are currently laws making it illegal, but because there is not a block on IP addresses many people still continue to play despite the fact that it is illegal.

Norway has a fear that too many residents will become too caught up in the process of playing in their computers that they will cease to be worthwhile residents of the country because they will become addicted to the games, which is why they will not legalize online casinos.

Many argue that this is not reason enough to ban the online gambling, because those that are addicts will find a way to play whether it is online or not. Many people feel like they are being punished for the addiction of a few and they want the laws changed.

Norway is currently flirting with the idea of imposing laws like the United States has. The United States is different than a lot of other countries because they do not just have laws against gaming online, they have blocked IP addresses so that people from the country cannot even create accounts with these online casinos. In addition, it is a crime for the financial institutions that the casinos work with to do business with Americans.

This makes it really tough, if not impossible, for most Americans to get online and play the casino games that they love. This is the intent, but it just has people looking for illegal ways to obtain the entertainment that they seek. Wouldn't it just be easier to allow people to play online and try to regulate the online casinos much like the British and the Italians do?

Those in Norway don't like the idea of having their entertainment options dictated to them. While it's bad enough that there are laws against visiting online casinos now, most people can still access the websites and even play, they are just taking a risk because if you are caught gambling online in Norway it is a felony.

On one hand it is nice that Norway is trying to protect its citizens, but many are frustrated that they cannot play the casino games that they want to play in the comfort of their own home.

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