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Levator Ani Syndrome: A Real Pain in the Butt!

By: D. Herren

Levator ani syndrome is one cause of chronic pelvic pain. The typical symptoms of levator ani syndrome include rectal butt spasms, rectum pain and tightness, and a sensation of fullness. It is sometimes associated with proctalgia fugax, which is defined as a short, sharp pain in the rectum. Levator ani syndrome, on the other hand, tends to be more constant pain. The pain is located in the pelvic floor muscles in the rectum, mainly the levator ani muscle.

The root cause is pelvic floor muscle tension or myalgia. In simple terms, it is muscle knots in the internal walls of the rectum. These "knots" are usually referred to as trigger points. When these tiny knots are active, they can cause great pain and a sensation of tightness and burning in the rectal area. This is typical of levator ani syndrome.

Common Levator Ani Syndrome Symptoms

  • Rectal Pain and Burning

  • Rectal tightness and muscle spasm

What is the treatment for Levator Ani Syndrome?

The common types of treatment for levator ani syndrome are usually muscle relaxants, hot baths, and proper diet and exercise. In most cases, there is an underlying element of chronic stress and anxiety which causes these muscles to tighten up and spasm. This pelvic floor muscle tension causes pain and burning. In order for most cases of levator ani syndrome to be resolved, trigger point therapy or internal massage on the levator ani/rectal muscles can bring great relief. The treatment itself can be very painful, but the overall relief from treatment can be felt almost immediately.

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