How To Choose The Right Bicycle

By: Sebastian Marders

While choosing the right bike does not necessarily involve the same commitment as choosing say a wife, for instance, it still does need some considerable thought. If you are buying a bicycle for the first time and are not really sure what you want it for, the options are virtually endless. So you probably want to figure out what purpose you want to use the bike for. This is your very first determination.

Basically, today there are four different types of bicycle and your choice should obviously be based upon what your purpose for the bike is.

Road Bikes have been designed for use on paved surfaces. They feature thin tires and a lightweight frame. They also seat you in a position bent forwards over the handlebars and are suitable for traveling at higher speed over longer distances. They will not stand up to heavy loads and rough terrain, much like walking in the woods in high heeled shoes.

Mountain bikes have become ever more popular over the past twenty years. In fact, the popularity of mountain bikes could be considered to be explosive. These chunky bikes are extremely strong, the tires have knobby treads and they are specifically designed for really rough terrain.

One of the trade-offs for the durability of a mountain bike is the fact that they do not have the speed of road bikes. But they have a far more comfortable riding position, and this alone makes them popular with people who suffer from back problems, and want to ride a bike purely for the exercise of it.

Be warned though that because of the popularity of mountain bikes, they are more likely to be punted by sales people. But if you are looking for purely a road bike, and you purchase a mountain bike, you will be paying extra for a whole lot of features that you don't, or won't ever need.

Hybrid Bikes are a merger between mountain and road bikes and features allow the rider to have the upright seat and handlebars yet allow more speed than the typical mountain bike. Hybrid bikes are a good choice for city riding and offer durability, speed and comfort.

Cruisers have wide tires, upright handlebars and sometimes even a gear. These bikes are most often seen in relaxed surrounding such as the beach. They are the simplest bike mechanically and are perfect for people who want comfort over any other bicycle feature. Quite notably, they are durable and easily maintained.

If none of these bikes is what you are seeking, there is still a huge variety of other options available. You could even go for a tandem, providing you have a riding partner, or recumbent, which has a long wheel base and seats the rider in a supine position. And if you don't fancy the falling-off aspect of biking, why not even consider a tricycle.

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