How to Buy a Good Used Kayak

By: Patrick Turnbull

Kayaking is actually a cherished boating experience. It is a very conventional water sport these days and fun to do. Whether you simply like to go down the river or extremely shoot rapids, kayaking is great thing to be fond of. But kayaks in stores and markets are really very expensive, whether conventional wooden or fiberglass, so buying second-hand kayaks is a great option.

If you decide to buy a used kayak, first carefully examine the kayak and make sure it is not damaged. If you could discover used kayak in very good state nothing like it, very often used kayaks turn out to be better than new kayaks.

Before you look for a kayak, set your budget by doing some market study, there are also websites giving information about used kayaks on line.

Second thing you have to make a decision on is what type of kayak you want to buy. Structurally kayaks are classified into rigid kayaks, folding kayaks and inflatable kayaks. Rigid kayaks are made of fiberglass, wood, plastic or Kevlar. Kayaks made of plastics are very hard and long lasting. Wooden kayaks are as a rule hand made they have their own beauty, but may be uncomfortable and rather expensive. Folding kayaks are comfortable because of their weight and the space they occupy.

When you are looking for a second-hand kayak make sure it has not been patched up. In particular inflatable kayaks may have some small holes or damages and if they are patched up they are rather breakable. You can see if that kayak is patched up from outside but if it is repainted then it is easier to hide patches, so take a closer look at the part of kayak that looks different. In general, try to look for high quality used kayak so as to get secure kayaking experience.

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