Winter Bass Fishing - The Best Ways to Catch Bass in the Winter

By: Daniel Eggertsen

Bass fishing in winter is anything but easy. In fact it is one of the most challenging experiences you will ever have on a lake. Not only will it be cold and lonely out there on the lake but also you will struggle to get a bite most days unless you know exactly what you are doing and have the patience of a saint. Bass do not tend to feed in winter and will rarely catch on to your bait. Instead, they move very little and only feed when they absolutely have to. Some experts do argue this fact, but cold-blooded creatures are all the same and cannot physically move far during the colder months.

In terms of their biology, the blood temperature of a bass matches that temperature of the water around them. When the waters are cold, their heartbeat slows, as does their respiration. As a result, they are very slow and deliberate in their movements and will only feed as and when necessary. This is not very often because they will take three days to digest something that could otherwise be digested in a matter of hours. Depending on where you are fishing, it could be weeks between feeds. The colder the water, the less often they feed. They may also hide in vegetation where the temperature is slightly higher. None of these factors will help your quest to catch bass during the winter months.

If you really want a test of your bass fishing skills then winter is the time to do it. It will take skill, endurance, ingenuity and a lot of patience to get a bite, and even then you may leave the lake having caught absolutely nothing at all. As long as you accept that fact then your bass fishing experience could be enjoyable.

Try the following tips if you are planning on a little winter bass fishing before the spring kicks in:

Slow your fishing speed right down. Anything in the water that is moving quickly around the water will alarm them but not tempt them out of their hiding place! Leave your rod to sit in the same place for a while so the bait will seem like easy food for the bass.

Try to spot the bass, even if that means looking at the vegetation of the lake a little more closely. If you can see the bass then you can dangle the bait right by it so again it will seem like an easy target. The closer the better really as the bass will not fail to miss it.

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