Lake Texoma Catfish Fishing

By: Daniel Eggertsen

Are you a fan of catfishing? Are you looking for some of the best places around to catch catfish. If you enjoy catfish, and have yet to fish in beautiful Lake Texoma, you are missing out on one of the best catfishing spots in the country. This large and beautiful lake near the Texas Oklahoma border is a prime spot for some of the best and biggest catfish around. This 74,000+ lake is controlled and protected by the Army Corps of Engineers in Denison, Texas and is home to many great fish species with the most predominant being blue and channel catfish.

Lake Texoma also has white and striped bass, largemouth bass, spotted bass, smallmouth bass, bluegill and black and white crappie. There is some plant and vegetation in the lake such as water willow, American lotus and floating heart although the vegetation is not as thick here as in other lakes.

The official stats for Lake Texoma are:

Texas are one great place to do so. It's true when they say "everything's bigger in Texas" and this goes for the catfish as well. When you learn the proper techniques and tactics, along with some of the best times to fish year-round,

Lake Texoma? It's important to first know when and where you will be fishing. While you can't always predict exactly what the fish will do on any given day, it certainly helps to know as much as possible about the area and what has worked in the past.

You may also choose to hire a Lake Texoma catfish guide, especially if it is the first time you have ever fished in this area. Alternatively, you can join a charter trip and spend time on the lake looking for trophy fish. Guides and charters will be able to help you have the best chance of successful fishing than going it alone (unless you are already very experienced).

When fishing for catfish, you need to the right type of equipment. You want to use rods and reels designed for cat fishing and large fishing. Baits can vary since the cat fish varies in what it responds to but a good idea for planning a trip is to bring several different types so you have options to switch out with if one is not working as you'd like and the fish don't seem interesots to catch trophy cat fish in Lake Texoma? There have been records of catfish as big as 60 pounds caught from this lake although the average for large catfish from Lake Texoma is usually more like 40-50 pounds. If you want to get your own large catfish, you need to know where to fish. While most anywhere in the lake is sufficient, there have been reports to show that certain locations are better than others at finding the really big cat fish or cat fish more willing to bite.

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