Ice Fishing Catfish - How is it Done? Common tips?

By: Daniel Eggertsen

Catfish fishing is not just for springtime anymore. Ice fishing for catfish in the middle of winter is growing in popularity every year. To the amazement of many anglers the catfish seem rather eager to take the bait in the freezing cold waters. Of course, this could have a lot to do with the fact that the food source is a lot scarcer than any other time of the year. Ice fishing for catfish also provides you with the opportunity to catch larger fish than you might find in the spring and summer.

Ice fishing is certainly a whole new experience and nothing like sitting out in the springtime breeze leisurely reeling the catfish in. If you plan on going ice fishing for catfish you need to be prepared and these ice fishing catfish tips and tricks can help you do just that.

Go Prepared - Being prepared is the first order of business you need to consider.

You will want to start by making sure you have the proper clothing. You need clothing that is suitable for the cold weather while still being comfortable to wear. There are many new fabrics available today that are very lightweight and extremely warm. This is what you need to protect you from the cold and wind. The right type of clothing will even help to prevent hyperthermia. Wearing layers is the best way to protect against the cold and always wear a hat to help keep in your body heat. Insulated rubber or waterproof boots are recommended along with a good pair of gloves. Bringing along an extra set of clothing is also a good idea in the event there is an accident and you need dry clothing fast.

Take The Right Gear - Aside from clothing, you need the proper gear. One of the best tools you can carry with you is a fish finder. This will help you locate the fish beneath the ice much faster and easier. You need your sturdy fishing rod with a spinning reel and whatever you do, don't forget the tool for drilling a hole in the ice or you will be rescheduling your trip.

Take a Variety of Bait - It is recommended that you carry a variety of different lures with you as the catfish can be finicky from time to time. However, whenever possible it is normally best if you can use sink bait. The smell will not spread a they are light enough to not weigh you down when you move from spot to spot.

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