Crappie Fishing in Alabama

By: Daniel Eggertsen

Who doesn't love to go crappie fishing? If you're a fisherman who's never tried your hand at crappie then you are missing out on an interesting and entertaining time. The first thing you need to know, however, is that crappie are often very dependent on their environment which means where you will be fishing has a big impact on how you should go about it.

Will you be crappie fishing in Alabama? The state of Alabama has some of the best fishing locations in the country both for freshwater and saltwater fish. If you want to try your hand at crappie, Alabama is a great place to do it. Lakes, streams, ponds and other water sources will have crappie available to you. All you need to know is horst, you need to know what time of year you are fishing in. The season plays a big role in how the crappie will react and how you need to go about catching them. The most ideal time to fish for crappie in Alabama is during the spring. This is when they are most available and seem easier to bite. Winter and especially fall seem to be the most difficult for catching crappie.

But this does not mean that you can't still go crappie fishing during any of the seasons, you just need to know how to do it properly. No matter what time of year you are fishing, crappie tend to prefer brightly colored lures and bait. They can see in colors and will respond to them accordingly. Most crappie fishermen try bright reds, oranges and greens.

If fishing in fall or winter, the crappie will be deeper in the waters and you may want to try scented bait as well as colors since the water could be cloudy, especially if you are fishing in muddy waters of Alabama. You may need to allow more time for the fish to see and respond to your bait and line in cooler or muddier temperatures.

Remember when fishing for crappie in Alabama not to get too aggressive, especially when you get bites and nibbles. If you pull on the line too roughly or too quickly, you will most likely lose the fish. Crappie are more sensitive fish and you can tear the hook through their mouths and lose the catch. So allow a nibble for a bit and then reel it in gently.

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