When Is The Best Time For Key West Tarpon Fishing

By: Chris Copeland

So just what is the best time to go Key West Tarpon Fishing? The simple answer to that question is anytime you can get a line in the water. Tarpon are found year round in these beautiful waters surrounding Key West. At any given moment, you could be fighting one of these absolutely fun and acrobatic fish that do a tango on the water like no other fish you have ever seen. Good luck getting them boatside though as they are not ones that give up easy.

What's the best time of day? For the most part, the best time of day to go catch tarpon in Key West is really angler independent. Without a doubt, fishing is going to be better in the early morning times or the later afternoon hours. Tides tend to fluctuate with moon phases and tarpon can definitely be tidal feeders. So when the moon is just starting to rise on that horizon or if it is getting near to setting, you can guarantee that the waters will be moving and the tarpon are going to act quickly and abruptly. However, that being said, don't count out night fishing for tarpon.

Most guides that charter for Key West tarpon fishing do run night trips and have more than frequently reported that night time tarpon fishing can be overall much better than anytime during the day. They can be a little harder to land, but as far as hookups, it's been noted that night fishing for tarpon can definitely out weigh day time hookups. Don't worry, you will still be able to see their aerial assualts but you get the added anticipation from being able to hear them before you can see them if you're quiet. What a thrill!

What's the best time of year? Key West is privy to a prime location for tarpon as they incur an annual migration that loads these fish up to number in the thousands during certain times of year. The annual tarpon migration floats thru Key West beginning sometime in March and can stay around as late as July. April, May and June are premier months but just be aware that there are a lot more anglers on the water during these times. It's not uncommon to see massive schools of these huge tarpon during those months.

To sum it all up, the best Key West tarpon fishing time is really whenever you can get down to Key West. If you can get to Key West during the annual tarpon migration you will be in for the treat of a lifetime.

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