Using Technology to Help Your Workout

By: Michael Greeves

Technology has been pushing its way into the fitness market for the past couple years. There are several gadgets that make working out more fun, and several that allow you to track progress during your workout. These gadgets range from the iPod to heart rate monitors. Video games are also being developed to make workouts more fun, both for children and adults. Following are several gadgets that you can either find on the market now, or are being developed for use in the next couple of years.

Progio Training Companion

The Progio Training Companion is a small hand-held machine that gives complete instructions for personal workout programs. These workouts have detailed instructions to provide a safe and satisfying workout. You can choose fitness, rehabilitation and sport-specific workouts that are designed by fitness experts to meet specific needs and workout goals. The Progio tracks your results, monitors your heart rate and helps to keep you motivated throughout each workout.

Workout programs from fitness sites like HyperStrike can also be downloaded to the Progio Training Companion as well as to your iTouch, iPhone, Windows Mobile device and PDA. Working out has never been so convenient!

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Apple and Nike teamed up a couple of years ago to bring a unique sport kit to the market. This sport kit has a sensor in the Nike shoe that records information and transfers it to an iPod nano. The sensor tracks distance, time, pace, and calories burned. It syncs to the iPod, and you can track your progress through your workout as well and track it on your computer; when the iPod syncs with your computer, the information is transferred so you can track your progress over time. You can even program your iPod to give you audible progress updates in your earphones. If you want to know when you've run two miles, you can program your iPod to give you an audible update when that happens. This sport kit is perfect for anyone who wants to track their workout statistics and monitor them.

Wii Fit

The Nintendo Wii swept the market when it arrived a few years ago. Due to its interactive and completely physical style, many people have been using it for a workout. Nintendo is currently developing Wii Fit, which is an exercise program that you can complete in the privacy of your home and have fun doing it! Wii Fit will include a balance board that you stand on to perform workouts; games such as aerobics, yoga, muscle stretches, and various sports will be available. This program is perfect for those who already own the Wii; since the Wii game console is in such high demand, this can be a hard item to track down.

Dance Dance Revolution

This is another video game that has taken the market by storm as far as getting a great workout. This game has a dance pad that you step on, guided by the television screen. Many people use this as exercise, and the newer games have ways to track your calories burned as well as track your progress over time. Just recently, this game has been introduced in several schools for use by children in gym class. This game is a great way to have some fun while working out!

Various Watches

There are many watches on the market which contain gadgets such as a heart rate monitor, pedometer, and body fat calculator. These gadgets are also available individually, but many watch makers like Timex have integrated all three of these into one easy-to-use device. Most of these watches will also track distance and time, making one gadget handy and extremely useful when you are working out.

You can definitely expect the above gadgets to continue to be improved upon as technology continues to develop and grow. There seems to be more of a push for gadgets that can track most statistics throughout your workout so you can make the most of your time and know the details of your workout. With those details, it is much easier achieve your end result, whether it is that 26 mile marathon or just losing a few pounds.

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