Airsoft Games

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Airsoft games are fun and exciting strategy games. There are five commonly played games. Each one has their own challenges and set of rules to follow.


This game is where one player is chosen to be the hunted and the rest of the players are the hunters. The objective for the hunted is to make it to a certain place in a given amount of time to win the game. The hunter can only win if the hunted is shot and hunters cannot shoot each other.


Hunted is given five minute head start and an airsoft pistol
Hunters all start at same time and location
Any player hit is out until next round
Eliminated players may not talk to anyone

Prison Escape

Group one is the prisoners and group two is the guard. The theme is group one has been captured but has escaped with weapons the guards are not aware of. The guards have hidden the prisoners' airsoft guns and they must travel through a highly protected area. To win the game the guards must capture the prisoners and the prisoners must escape the area.


Guards start five minutes beforehand
Prisoners must find their weapons
Any Player hit is out until the next round
Eliminated player may not speak to anyone
A signal will inform players when to begin


One player is chosen to be the captain of the each team. You have two teams each with a captain. Each team wants to eliminate the other team's captain. The captain is tied to an object that is immobile with a rope with about 20 feet long. Teams must eliminate the other captain to win.


Each team chooses a captain
Every player begins at the same time at his or her assigned area
Any player hit is out until the next round
Eliminated player must not speak to anyone


This airsoft game is played at night. There are two teams with eight players being the guards and two other players being the stalkers. The guards must have flashlight attached to their weapon or in their other hand. The stalkers do not carry flashlights. To win the game stalkers shoot guards and guards shoot stalkers.


Flashlight must stay on till end of game
Weapon used is usually Automatic Electric Guns
Eliminated players must keep quiet

Capture The Flag

There are two teams with the objective of stealing the other team's flag. To win you must bring the captured flag to your base.


The stolen flag must remain visible at all times
Each team starts at their base
If a player is hit carrying a flag they must drop the flag immediately
Eliminated players must keep quiet

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