Lasermax Sights a Key Criminal Deterrent

By: Chad Reimer

The LaserMax laser sights are some of the most popular laser sights, used by a number of government and military personal around the world. The LaserMax sights are considered a must have for law enforcement, due to the deterring factor. Police forces that have tried the LaserMax laser sights reported up to seventy percent increase in accuracy and a higher percent of compliant suspects. The idea behind the LaserMax is not to mount externally, but rather replace the guide rod and spring on most pistols, keeping your laser on target and lined up even at great distances.

When the police agencies come across non compliant suspects, it was difficult to make the suspect compliant without risking an officers or suspects life. Thanks to the LaserMax system there are report higher compliant rates among suspects, due to the "psychological effect" of having a laser display on a suspect. The ability to reduce lethal force is a selling point for most law enforcement officers, due to the fact many of them end up in long expensive law suits when forced to use deadly force.

So how can this help a civilian, I have been asked a few times, the answer is quite simple. As a civilian most are not trained for "worst case scenarios", thus making them more likely to be caught in a long costly legal battle, even if the civilian's actions were justifiable. The ability to make an otherwise unruly aggressor compliant is not only good for your potential attacker, but also makes safety available without firing a shot. This makes LaserMax weapons sights a great idea for all concealed carry owners, as well as home defense firearms owners.

If one can avoid a one hundred thousand dollar court case for protecting their family, I would consider that to be the ultimate in way of protection, not only physically but monetarily. With a price tag around three hundred dollars many decided it's an accessory that is not required, although when looking at the all angles it seems silly not to consider a LaserMax. There are a wide range of other companies that produce laser sights that work on accessory rails, although the angle of the laser does not ensure accuracy at distances, which most argue only an internal lasers can provide.

In conclusion the LaserMax is a fine addition to the most firearms, but the selling point in my opinion is the deterrent factor. When you are put into a risky situation and able to resolve it without force and legal worries, that in my opinion is worth it's weight in gold. Aside from the selling points, the LaserMax installs in less than five minutes, and has been torture tested for water proofing, dirt proofing, and doesn't require a gunsmith to install. So in short if you are a concealed carry holder or have a firearm for home defense the this could save you a large amount of stress and liability, and I consider to be a must have personal protection item.

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