Techniques for Crappie Fishing at Night

By: Daniel Eggertsen

Crappie fishing is one of the most popular types of fishing done today. One reason it is so well-liked is because they are so much fun to catch. Another reason is because they make really great meals. The crappie goes by many different names such as the papermouth, croppie, white perch, slabs and specks depending on the location where you are fishing. The more you know, the more prepared you will be for night fishing.

You can fish for crappie anytime but many anglers know if you want to get the most from your fishing trips, then you should go crappie fishing at night. There are several reasons why night time fishing is better such as, the fact that crappie feed more at night than at any other time. This means they will be searching for food and more eager to take the bait you have to offer than during the heat of the day.

Another reason crappie fishing at night is better is because the waters are normally calmer at night. You don't have as many disturbances as you do during the day because there are fewer anglers on the water. Fewer boats and people mean that there will be less noise and the crappies are not frightened away as often. The temperature is also cooler at night which is another reason why night fishing has the potential to catch larger fish and more crappie than at any other time.

Fishing at night is a lot different than fishing during the day and so you need to make sure you are prepared for this. You need to take extra precautions to stay safe when fishing at night and you will need to use different techniques to catch the crappie than you would use in the daytime. For one thing, you will not be able to see when the crappie bite so you will have to rely more on your equipment to alert you when you have a strike or you run the risk of missing out.

One method that really works great is using florescent fishing lines and floats, then use a blacklight to make it light up. This technique works great and will not scare the crappie away in the process. In the event using a blacklight is not an option for you, there are other techniques that can be used to help you when crappie fishing at night. For example, the brightness of the moon will cast shadows on the water. Some of the larger crappie can be caught by casting into these shadows. Fishing when it is a full moon can also be very beneficial and help you determine when you have a bite.

When fishing without moonlight you may find that the fish seem to be almost everywhere which can also get you a lot of bites. If you use equipment that is sensitive enough you will be able to feel when the crappies are striking your bait. Many times it's hard to tell the difference between a bite and when the bait is brushing up against snags and ledges. However, practice will help you learn how to determine when you are actually getting a bite easier and faster.

Crappie will eat just about anything so it is easy to find bait that will work for you. However, the most popular choices are worms, minnows and crayfish. It is a good idea to have several different types of bait with you when you go out fishing for crappie just in case they are in a picky mood and decide they don't like a particular type. This way you won't have to call it an early night and go home empty handed.

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