Days Devoted To Family Bowling

By: Jim Brown

The game of bowling is suitable for providing families with a good source of entertainment many times a week. There are no age limits to playing this indoor game and many families will join in for a game of bowling on any night of the week. They will include grandparent and grandkids too because the bowling alley environment is a safe environment for young children to roam freely in.

Children do not stray far from the brightly colored balls that are just their size. Bowling alleys always provide good food at low prices too and children have a tendency to stay real close to tables that contain boxes of pizza and soda pop. Of course, they might not choose to bowl at all but they will devote a lot of time to sitting at this table nibbling away at the pizza with a big smile on their face.

Bowling alley has unique lanes that are perfect for novice bowlers to use. They equip several lanes in the bowling alley with rubber bumpers and every child is almost guaranteed to knock over a bowling pin or two on each lane that they roll a ball down. The ball might hit the bumper several times on the way down but when bowling pins begin to fall, the children are likely to start screaming with delight.

Bowling is a very simple game and that is probably why children like to bowl so much. They learned long ago that the object of the game called bowling was to roll the ball down the lane and knock down as many pins as you can. Children want to knock down all the pins so that they can earn a Strike, but if any of the pins fall down on their turn they are just as delighted and proud of themselves for at least trying to earn a Strike or a Spare.

Keeping score is easy in bowling and it is part of the reason why people enjoy going bowling several times a week. They get great satisfaction out of marking their form with a large X, or a diagonal line if they scored a Spare. Some bowling alleys have installed automated scoring systems that mark each score in the order that it is listed on the scoreboard over the players head.

Some people started bowling when they were a child and found no reason to stop. They will routinely include a trip to the bowling alley into the family trips throughout the week. Some nights at the bowling alley, they join in on games that are played in the dark. The bowling alley will light up the lanes using florescent light and use the light from the overhead scoreboards to allow people to see where they are going when they step away from the lane for a moment or two.

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