Great Family Fun With Bowling

By: Jim Brown

Bowling is a fun game that a lot of people can enjoy playing alone or with their families. Many parents learned to love bowling when they were growing up and carry the love for the game on when they spend many wonderful hours playing the game with their children. Bowling is a very inexpensive game to play and one that is well-suited for enjoyment by all members of the family no matter what age they are.

In order to bowl, all that is needed is a little time and the desire to relax and have a bit of excitement and fun. The game bowling does not require a lot of expensive equipment. The equipment consists of a bowling ball and ten pins and a long wooden lane, which are provided by the bowling alley.

The only expenses involved in bowling are shoe rentals for each family member and of course, the cost of the bowling lane, which is typically rented by the hour. Some people avoid some of those costs by purchasing their own bowling balls and bowling shoes from the bowling alley Pro Shop because they bowl quite often and know that they will need them and the custom fit makes bowling very enjoyable.

The object of bowling is to roll the ball down the lane and knock down all the pins. Some people do this quite often and become professional bowlers later in life. This type of bowling score would be termed a Strike. If a few pins remain standing, it is still possible to score a Spare if the remaining pins are knocked down completely.

When you get a Strike, you get ten points plus the total of your next two balls. When you get a Spare, you receive ten points and the total of pins knocked over on the next roll of the ball. Should you not get a Strike or a Spare then, you just add the total number of bowling pins you have knocked over. It is so easy to keep score in bowling, that a child as young as five or six can do it.

Some bowling alleys make keeping score even easier. Most bowling alleys are equipped with state-of-the-art scoring systems that will fill in the score card as each ball is rolled. This makes it easy for the whole family to play because after the names of all players are entered, they are free to enjoy the game without all of the recordkeeping.

Bowling also encourages families to interact with each other and some good natured teasing is likely to occur. Many children find great excitement in being in the lead and will goad their siblings with this information continuously through the night. This good natured ribbing allows family to grow even closer while enjoying a game that everybody loves to play at any time of the day or night.

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