Beltran & Church Led the Mets to Defeat the Reds

By: Stephen Lars

The Mexican Oliver Perez's batting, launching, stealing bases and experience made an incredible difference which helped the New York Mets win 8-3 over the Cincinnati Reds was basically the Mexican's first victory since April 19.

"He can despair you occasionally, but is very competitive", said Willie Randolph, New York Mets coach.

The most curious moment of the day, nevertheless was not conducted by Perez, but the Reds that did not continue the batting order during the ninth inning, after a double change; situation which caused a overall 10 minutes delay. The substitute catcher David Ross was to the base in eighth place to replace Corey Patterson; he managed to bat high out to the right garden.

Willie Randolph the Mets' coach informed the referees of the error and it was marked to Patterson after a long discussion among the umpires. Ross batted gain but just a simple one.

The Mets that had not had consecutive homeruns in all the season games prior to Sunday, they did it twice during the day. The Puerto Rican Carlos Beltran and Ryan Church managed great shots in the fifth inning, showing the New York Mets offensive, which was locked up during a great part of last year.

Over NY previous five games the team had at least 11 hits with the exception of a 7-1 in the second game on Saturday night where they only scored four runs.

Meantime; at other National League games such as: the Florida Marlins game Dari Uggla achieved his second home run with an advantage in the eighth inning securing a victory of 5-4 over the Washington Nationals. The Marlins have won six games that have been played at the Nationals Park, holding a record of seven victories their best since they won nine consecutive games in August 2006.

The Mexican Luis Ayala managed three runs with two home runs in the eighth inning then Alfredo Amezaga opened the eighth inning against Ayala and the next batter, Jeremy Hermida connected a home run of two careers to draw the scoreboard.

The Milwaukee Brewers' won over the St. Louis Cardinals 5-3, Ryan Braun hit a pair of home runs while Jeff Suppan launched seven innings and the Dominican Salomon Torres secured the team's victory. The Dominican batter Albert Pujols managed two bases and connected a simple but was trapped when he tried to advance to the third base and by the six inning he was outside of the base. This is the second time the Brewers win in nine games; scoring twice in the first inning against the Cardinals with a high shot of Prince Fielder and a double of Corey Hart.

Finally, the Cubs managed a victory 6-4 over the Diamondbacks the Giants won over the Phillies for 4-3, the Padres defeated the Rockies by 6-1 and the Astros won 8-5 to the Dodgers.

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