AuSable River Salmon Fishing : A Heaven For Every Angler!

By: Abhishek Agarwal

Ausable is a river that can be found in the north-eastern part of Michigan. The river starts out in the proximity of the town of Crawford in Michigan, and lazily flows through Michigan to finally end its long journey emptying into Lake Huron. AuSable River, better known as "Au Sable River" derives its name from the white sands of its bed. This sandy bottom, and the depth of the river makes it an ideal spot for Salmon fishing. The different portions of AuSable can be classified into parts according to the speed of the water. Some parts are slow and sleepy and others are fast with rapids. The river is rich with lakes and tributaries with some parts being very narrow like a bottle neck and some parts widening out forming huge lake like water bodies.

The AuSable river offers the best fishing sport in an area very close to the Lake Huron but between lake and the Foote Dam. This location is close to thirty miles upstream from the lake. The months of March through May and October to November are the best times to fish for Salmon in the AuSable River. The popular variety of Salmon found here are the Chinook and Atlantic salmon, these variety are also the easiest to catch. Apart from this you will find brown trout, smallmouth bass and steelhead among other species of fish in the river.

If you are a fly-fishing enthusiast you will find the west branch of the AuSable River a good location to try your skills. The backdrop formed by the Adirondack Mountains is breath taking and the warm waters in the spring and fall makes fishing these waters very memorable and comfortable. When you do make a plan to go to these parts to angle for your game, you should give due consideration to the type of equipment you will need. There are many good choices and a good set of chest waders will serve you well. You will also need some good footing gear to avoid slipping on the slick rock bottom of the river bed. So, try to get yourself some studded rubber soled foot gear.

Typically a nine foot fishing rod s the best choice any angler can make for a fishing trip to the Au Sable River. Longer fishing rods are rather impractical as you will be able to find a large tree branch extending way over the river at the Salmon fishing areas. You may also get yourself a nine foot long line with a four to six weights attaches with one to any number of flies attached.

For people who would like to just laze around and fish all day, the AuSable River has some Salmon fishing spots called "No Kill" spots. These are located near and around the town of Wilmington and are popular with anglers who are new to the sport of fishing. The popularity of the AuSable River fishing is growing everyday with hundreds of anglers making their way to this Salmon fishing spot every year.

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