What Makes Sports Memorabilia Unique and Valuable

By: Gregg Hall

The sports memorabilia genre is a large one including collectibles of all types. While some people will immediately think of football or baseball when thinking about sports collectibles, but the fact of the matter is that there are many more kinds of sports that have valuable collectibles.

To be valuable as collectibles, the vast majority must be kept in flawless condition. The more aged and less flawed an item is, the more it will be worth in the future. A lot of people will invest in memorabilia like this for the sake of their children and grandchildren and guard it as if it were invaluable. It is an honor to be given something of such importance and is a matter of personal pride for the person who originally got the item.

Sports memorabilia covers a wide range of topics, including everything from the conventional trading cards to things owned and even worn by the sports figure that became celebrated. One area that is overlooked many times as an area of interest is that of books. Many famous sports figures have written autobiographies about their lives, both private and public. Many books like this are considered valuable just because of the individual's popularity with the public, even if they were known for being ruthless or rude. As a matter of fact sometimes this creates eve more interest. For example, Keshawn Johnson, the former NFL football player who is now a commentator for ESPN has a new book out called "Throw Me The Damned Ball"

NASCAR is an area of the sports collectible realm that has a diverse assortment of merchandise from toy cars to leather jackets and even furniture. My dad is a huge Jeff Gordon fan and he probably owns just about anything that is available featuring Jeff Gordon.

Certain product endorsements can also provide collectible items that are deemed valuable. Timex featured Barbara Ann Scott, a female skater and a Canadian. She won an Olympic victory in 1948. That motivated sales of thousands of dolls of her likeness. These days it seems almost any sports star of any reknown at all has dolls, coffee cups, watches, and any other imaginable item with there likeness on them.

Of course,one of the most distributed collectibles in the sports memorabilia world continues to be trading cards. It's a fairly affordable way to get a child started with a baseball card collection or some other sports card collection. Even still it can become a high cost undertaking as the child grows to be an avid die-hard fan and learns to know the value of sports card collecting. A sports collection is something that might take many years to obtain and might never be thought complete. This kind of interest will help instruct the child about responsibility among other matters. They have to keep the cards away from curious friends who may not have learned the value of collecting and as well as greedy adults who may try to take advantage.

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