Discovering What Cybex Treadmill is Offering Online

By: Chloe Adisson

Apart from the many models that Cybex treadmill is offering in the market, it has other services online as well. Cybex is a manufacturer or brand of high quality treadmills. Just recently, the company re-manufactured the Trotter Elite model and is not retailed at $5000 and up.

Innovatively designed, the brand combines technology with equipment performance. It also claims that it is more user-oriented and is more durable. Aren't all treadmills practically claiming the same thing?

Generally speaking, Cybex creates beautifully structured treadmills that are perfect for training serious and dedicated runners. This is also a good workout tool for recreational walkers.

The interesting point about the Cybex treadmill is that some of its offerings are detailed in their online web pages. Their website accommodates operational and service concerns. It also displays recall alert and certificate declarations.

- The Cybex Treadmill Operations. In this section of the website, it explains how the Cybex equipment should operate. This page is outlined and written in an FAQ format. It's supposed to answer questions related to motor speed, power supply, console functionality, heart rate monitor, and more.

- Cybex Treadmill Services Page. Generally, this page explains anything that concerns your treadmill maintenance. If you happen to read through, you'll find that the topic revolves mostly around the treadmill belt, lubrication, and other considerable maintenance concerns.

Cybex Recall Alert

This is a special feature in the cybex website. The recall alert is that page in the website that declares the pull out of the Trotter model. The product in question caused injuries to its many users. There are a couple of facts you can find here.

- The recall alert was conducted by Cybex itself alongside the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission or CPSC.

- The company declares an ethical gesture saying that their own product is not safe.

Cybex Certificate Declarations

Made available in PDF files, these are certificate declarations of each Cybex treadmill model made available for public download. This is a good and ensuring way of building trust with their users.

In this page in the website, you will find the following certificates that you can download. These are: Cybex 530C and 530R Cycle Declaration, Stepper CE Certification Declaration, Cross Trainer, Cybex Eagle, Cybex VR3, Treadmill CE Certification Declarations, Cybex Trazer Declaration, and the Cybex Total Access Declaration.

Other Features

- The treadmill product from Cybex is generally easy to use and includes PDA programs.

- You can upload or download workout programs directly from the Cybex treadmill website.

- The equipment includes a CD ROM tutorial service.

- It also adds more fun to your Cybex experience. It makes workout designs and program download easier and quicker.

Generally, treadmills are for cardio-vascular and weight loss exercise. What make it expensive are the features and other extras that become a highlight most often in sales pitch. Investigate the treadmill of your choice.

If you have the budget, get the Cybex. It's expensive but if you think about it, it's because of the many features that add to its advantages.

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