Boxing Warmups to Get you Motivated

By: bodypower

Boxing is one of the hardest exercises you will ever do and it's a great way to stay in shape whilst building strength and improving your balance, hand eye coordination and stimulate the mind.

There are a variety of boxing exercises that you can perform on your own or with a partner, I have listed them below.

Punching on your back - this is a great workout, you simply lie flat on a mat and bend your legs, you will be wearing a pair of boxing gloves. Your partner will wear hand pads for you to hit and stand just over you. The aim is to cross over the pads and punch as fast as you can. You punch your right hand on your partners left pad and your left hand on your partner's right pad. If you haven't done this before start with slow punches and gradually get faster to avoid injury. Punch 100 times in total if you can (50 on each arm)

Punching sat up - again with your feet flat on the floor sit up and then slightly lean back, now the aim is to hold this position whilst you hit your partner's pads just like you did lying on your back. Again punch 100 times in total (50 on each arm)

Punch the air - punching the air as fast as you can is the final warm-up, for this you site upright on the floor and punch 100 times (50 on each arm) as fast as you can.

Remember to warm-up you need the best boxing equipment for the above you will need, boxing pads, boxing gloves and possibly a floor mat (not essential but recommended)

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