Tips for a Paintball Team Building Experience

By: David Wilson

You want a great team building exercise for group? Look no further than the sport of paintball. In recent years, paintball has evolved beyond its somewhat paramilitary-esqe roots.

In fact, today's paintball games have almost no resemblance to combat sports, with the player wearing brightly colored jerseys, and playing on fancifully construct fields. Instead, paintball has evolved into a fast paced, team oriented sport that can be enjoyed by everyone.

In fact, it is this fast paced, high tension feel that makes it such a team building exercise. Nothing brings people together like a little pressure and competition, and paintball is excellent at creating these feelings in your group. In order to win a game of paintball, your teams must work together, communicate, and be willing to take risks, all great attributes to instill.

Of course, the first thing many worry about when choosing paintball as a team building exercise is the pain involved with getting hit by the paintball. Don't worry about this. While I'm not going to tell you that getting hit by a paintball traveling at 300 feet per second feels great or anything, but it doesn't hurt that bad either.

In fact, in the excitement of the game, you'll feel much more pain from the fact that you got hit and are out of the game than you will because of the pain of the paintball impact. The anticipation of getting hit adds an element of excitement to the game, which you don't get from many other activities. In short, the impact is nothing to worry about at all.

Another issue with paintball is price. There is no doubt that paintball is expensive. You have to pay the field fee, rent your equipment (if you don't own any), buy paintballs, and pay for any food or transportation you need. This can add up quite heavily with a large group. However, group rates are available, which can help ease the financial strain a bit. On the bright side, playing is so fun that you may forget all about the price!

When you have your team and assembled, and show up to the field, you will almost certainly go through a safety orientation of some sort. Paintball isn't that dangerous, but if you aren't careful, it is possible to get hurt. In particular, you need to keep your goggles on at all time when not in designated safe zones. Also, you need to make sure that your gun isn't shooting faster then the speed allowed by the field. You will be given your full set of equipment, and instructed on how to use it.

Once all this is done with, you will be taken out by a ref to the field, the rules of the game will be explained, and then you start playing paintball! My number one tip for playing a good game: take risks. Since you're an inexperienced group of players, most people will tend to sit behind a bunker and wait for the action to happen. If you take the opportunity to be aggressive and move up in the field, you will probably do quite well, as people won't be prepared for your quick action.

If you're playing against more experienced players, you won't be able to do this as well, but with a recreational group, its a brilliant strategy. You also need to work together as a team. That is the point of all this, right? Be sure to communicate, let others on your team know where the players on the other team are. The team who communicates well will have a severe advantage over the team that doesn't.

I hope this gives you some idea of why and how you use paintball as a great team building activity for your group. Because it appeals to our adventurous side, and forces good teamwork, it is a very effective option for your group development efforts. Call a field near you today.

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