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Life of Sir Donald Bradman

By: prasannamoorthy

Sir Donald George Bradman was born in a small town called Bowral; on 27th August 1908, near Sydney. He was often called 'The Don'. He was the youngest child of George Bradman and Emily, who had a brother and three sisters. He was considered to be the greatest Australian cricketer of all time. Sir Donald Bradman used to play a very serious cricket since his childhood and during his teens. During that time, cricket was just another game for Sir Donald; hitting golf balls with a cricket stump into a tank used to be his favorite pass time! This had helped him to improve his reflexes and coordinate his hand movements with eye.

Slowly he got himself involved in cricket and started playing in local clubs and school. Soon he began to score centuries with infallible regularity. He scored his first century when he was 12 years old, when playing for Bowral Public school against Mittagong High school. In 1920, Sir Donald Bradman went to see his test match at the Sydney Cricket Ground with his father, after seeing cricketer Charlie McCartney scoring 170 runs he said to his father that; he will never be happy until he play in this Sydney Cricket ground! Later, an invitation was send by the New South Wales Cricket Association to Sir Donald Bradman to practice at this ground! He immediately began to practice at the Sydney cricket ground when he joined the South Wales cricket association.

During the home series against England, Sir Don scored 468 runs during his eight innings with two centuries and two half centuries. Almost immediately, with his hard work and practice, he was able to reach great heights. He became one of the greatest Test Batsmen, with an incredible batting average of 99.94. The most historic event on Don's life was in 1932, when he played against England. The England's captain Douglas Jardine used a method of bowling, were the ball used to fly above the batsman's head. The Australian players found it very difficult to hit the ball and they were often injured badly, Don used to counter attack the bowlers by hitting the ball over the bowler's head. However Australia lost the series.

Later Sir Don took revenge when he was the Australian team's captain; when the Australian team went to England for a test series, Don was a nightmare for the English players; Sir Don was able to score 974 runs in 8 innings and came back to Australia as a great hero! Sir Donald passed away on 25th of Feb of 2001, when he was 92 years old at his residence in Keningston. Sir Don will never be forgotten by any of the cricketers, fans or by the Australians.

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