How to Create a Great Looking Butt

By: Jesse Miller

Let's face it... nobody can deny that a nice rear makes for a good conversation piece. It complements your figure and gives you a nice profile! For some people it came naturally for them. For others they have to work for it to create a great looking butt. It is for you..ahem... select few that these tips can be helpful to get that nice round derriere that you oh so wanted for so long!

These tips may help you get a nice looking butt, but you'll have to work for it!

1.Put a bull's eye on your buns. Target exercising is the key here and to start you off a great exercise is the squat! This exercise really hits that back side of yours and to top it off it also develops other areas of your body as well! So you're hitting two birds with one stone on this one. Lunges also help as they isolate your glutes(butt muscles) and really punishes them. Use heavy weights and low reps in sets of 3 to 4. You'll be sore a few days, but it'll be worth it!

2.Go Cardio. Cardiovascular exercise help you lose fat and firms your butt. So make use of the stairmaster or do an inclined treadmill.

3.Use what you've got. When you're not in the gym there's not much opportunity to whip that butt to shape, or so you thought! In fact while you're sitting in the office you can do setting exercises where you tense up your glutes while you're doing your work. Nobody would know that you're already working out while you're sitting there, and you'll smile a lot as well. You may want to forgo the elevator and use the stairs instead. Need to get something from the store? Walk instead of riding.

Your body is your tool use it and your environment can be your gym!

4.Go skate. In-line skating is fun and can really strengthen your butt muscles. With the loss of stable footing your leg, thigh and butt muscles are really working hard to keep you up. Aside from that it can be fun! Just be careful though.

5.Load on the good stuff, not the junk. Your diet can be a big factor in shaping your back side. If you keep piling on the junk food it becomes excess fat. Excess fat gives you flab and hides that rump! You wouldn't want a sagging bumper would you? So take in healthy protein, good carbs (wheat bread, grain bread, brown rice) and minimize the fat (and make sure they're the good kind). These tips can give your backside a little boost but only if you work on them. So get working on it!

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