Exercise Lose Weight - the Way to Exercise in Just Minutes a Day

By: Michael Davis
Today we all live in a very fast paced society Technology is continuing to make the world smaller and smaller. Gone are the days of having to search to find a pay phone to call a friend or sending letters to people. With cellular technology and email and more recently "texting" everyone you need to talk to is just a few clicks of a button away.

There is also a greater stress being put on education and sports for kids. This means that any families with kids that are involved in multiple sports teams or musical groups, dance training, etc. With all of these activities going on there is less and less time available.

Many people are looking for ways to save time each and every day. Whether it be in their commute to and from work, or in how long they spend cooking meals each day there is a true premium on time nowadays. This holds true for having time available for exercise. For many people they just do not have the time in a day to exercise or if they do its 30 minutes or less and they believe that is not enough time to get in a good workout so they skip it.

This is a problem as the percentage of people overweight and out of shape continues to grow. There is hope though. Newer methods of exercising have begun to spring up from fitness experts and trainers to keep up with the times. There are more and more techniques that allow you to target your exercises to specific goals like toning, six pack abs, weight loss, etc that are now available.

Here's a summary of one such method:

Similar to what many people suggest with switching from 3 meals a day to 5-6 smaller ones, this method is for you to not work out 30-90 minutes several times a week, but instead to exercise for a few minutes a few times each day. This is a very different than what most people would tell you would work. The great thing about these exercises is you can do them at the office too. You will need to find an area though to do them if you don't have a lot of space in your workspace.

Try to do your exercises for 2-3 minutes every hour or two. It will work better if you do it every hour for about 8-10 hours. These exercises do not require that you have access to weights or gym equipment. All of these types of exercise rely on just your body and body weight.

Here are a couple of exercises:

Pushups Sit-ups (crunches work best) Lunges Bicycles (lying on your back with your legs raised and pretending to ride a bike) Walking/Jogging up and down a staircase if you can

These are just examples of easy exercises you can do. There are many more and you might even invent some yourself. The goal here is to work different parts of your body throughout the day for a few minutes at a time to get your metabolism going and stimulate your body to burn fat and build muscle.

To really see if you are getting results you should stick with this method for several weeks and focus solely on this and not any other exercise programs. If you continue to go to the gym a few times a week you may not be able to gauge how successful this is.

After a few weeks feel free to go to a more traditional routine. What works very well is every month or so if you switch back to this method. This also helps to keep things fresh and prevent your workouts from getting stale.
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