Jock Itch - From Symptoms to Treatments

By: Patnaree Sukgrarongka

Jock itch is a kind of ringworm that is caused by a member of fungi family, well known as Tinea Cruris. When this fungi is seen under the microscope, it looks like branching, translucent and rod-shaped hyphae. The thickness of each hyphae is uniform right through that helps to differentiate it from the hair that tapers in the end.

Tinea Crusis generally breeds on the dead cells of the outer layer of body known as epidermis, nails and hair. Jock itch is widespread across the world but it is more common in the tropical regions as it has moist and warm atmosphere, which helps Tinea Crusis to increase fast in numbers.

This monstrous infection commonly occurs in the areas like upper thighs, groin, skin folds, buttocks, anal area and pelvis. Through various studies it has been observed that it does not occur in the body areas like scrotum and penis.

This contagious infection shows the following symptoms and signs:

- Itching and rashes in the inner thighs, genitals, buttocks, anal areas, skin folds and groin.

- The edges of the affected areas have scaly, distinct, sharp and vaguely raised patches. Sometimes bumps also appear which look like blisters.

- The affected areas also have burning sensations and inflammations.

- Peeling, cracking or flaking also occur on the different affected areas.

- Red brown color appears on the affected skin surface, which is conspicuous with the color of the other parts of the body.

It is not difficult to recognize the symptoms of this monstrous disease. The appearance of rashes and other signs make it very easy to detect this disease. Your physician can scrape a bit of affected skin upon a slide and look under the microscope.

This ringworm infection can be easily treated at your home with different powders and creams even without any prescription. But still it is better to have medications prescribed from a doctor so that jock itch never again occurs to you.

Following are listed some of the remedies:
- Wash the affected area using soap and gently get rid of dry pieces of skin. Then you can apply any of the cream, liquid spray, powder or ointment. The popular medications are miconazole, terbinafine, clotrimazole, lotrimin, monistat, micatin and lamisil being among the major ones.

- As many blisters also appear on the ringworm so you may use compresses like Burow's compress that will help to dry out and soothe the blisters in a big way. after the skin dries out, apply any of the antifungal creams.

Following are listed some of the top tips which can prove to be very valuable:
- Wear loose-fiting underwear and clothing.
- After exercising make sure you take a bath.
- Keep the areas of body hygienically clean and dry.
- Do not use towel, comb, hanker chiefs and clothing with anyone as it is a contagious infection.
- Always wash your exercise clothes after every use.
- Avoid using deodorant soaps.

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