How to Tone and Avoid Saggy Skin After you Lose Weight

By: Matt Shuebrook

I'm a 41 year old male who is 5'9" and about 225 lbs. I would like to
lose 50 lbs and get down to 175 through diet and exercise (mainly
walking and jogging). My excess fat is mainly in the abdomen and love
handle areas and my concern is that I will experience sagging skin in those
areas after I lose the weight.

Is someone in my category at risk for this? I've heard this really
only affects people who need to lose over 100 lbs. Is that true?

Answer: Someone who only needs to lose 10 lb is at risk of having saggy
skin. The truth is that no matter how much weight you lose, if you lose
it the wrong way it will clearly show. And in most cases it is going to
show when you lift your arms and their are wings flapping around or
when you lift your shirt and you see tires and donuts bouncing around.

To avoid having this happen to you, you need to be sure to do a couple

1. Don't aim for more than 3-5 lbs of weight loss per week. As you will
be losing mostly lean muscle mass as opposed to fat (which is what you
really want to lose to begin with).

2. Follow a strict fitness regime that encompasses
A. Resistance Training B. High intensity cardio intervals C. REST

To many people don't push their muscles to the point in which their
muscles push back. If you don't build any muscle, you most likely won't
tone your muscles, which will leave plenty of room for SAGGING SKIN.

The high intensity cardio intervals are known for boosting your
metabolism, burning tons of calories, toning your legs and butt, but most
importantly high intensity cardio intervals will FORCE YOU TO BURN MORE

You must also eat healthy. Avoid foods that tend to 'hang' around in
your system longer. Stay away from fried foods, but eat plenty of
steamed foods. Stay away from highly processed foods, but you should eat raw
and natural when ever possible.

I know that this will help you to burn the fat and feel great about
your body.

You may want to check out a few websites for more help.

1. is simply an amazing fitness site. It
is a must see for trainers and fitness goers.

2. &

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